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Welcome! to the official website of author Donna Steele. I’m an author of science fiction and paranormal romance novels and contemporary romance novels, often with an eco-twist.

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Come check out my interview at Fussy Librarian!!

Author Q&A: Donna Steele

You’ll be hearing more about this, but it’s on!!


Red Shoes is now available at Audible! Narrated by the wonderful Tracy Butler – check it out!


Growing the Change is live now! Third in the Changing Hearts series –

Survivors – dystopian time travel sci fi – available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple, etc.!!

Brett and Lena, worked together in an agriculture lab, concentrating on micro-gardening. After a first date they find themselves transported to thirty-five years in the future following an unexplained attack on the planet that ruined the atmosphere and rendered most of the population sterile. Having to learn about each other as well as their new circumstances, they feel their way in this new and bleak world. Their skills bring new hope to the others around them, but the purpose of the location where they find themselves causes problems between them.

Discovering that the main purpose of the “dome” where they find themselves is reproduction to increase the dwindling population of humans, throws their fledgling relationship into turmoil and Lena into the nightmare that her former marriage became. A science fiction, dystopian, time travel, enforced proximity story.


I’m turning my eBook only books into paper backs – check them out!


More will be coming soon!


Wraith’s Heart is now available at Audible! and Apple!!


The Family You Choose!  2nd book in the Changing Hearts series. Now live at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Scribd


Hey, check out my interview with VoyageRaleigh


Look what my niece made me for Christmas!! All of my titles and room for more!


Hope you all got that new eReader you were asking for this year! Check out my  $.99 books to get a start on it! Get a taste here – $.99 books

The first books in my series are $.99 as well – check them out…



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  1. I loved “Rth Rising” and was surprised when I could not find it on your site. Why is it missing? And do you ever expect to do a follow-up?

  2. I have just read my first Donna Steel book and am captivated…i love time travel and found this book “Another Time” so intriguing i now can’t wait to get into the next one…the parts that fitted together are so clever…i just know im going to have to read all of Donna’s books…..

  3. Amazing read my first of the Guardians books just loved it andlooking forward to second book hooked …

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