When Did They Grow Up??


It’s scary when your baby turns twenty-five. In the first place I’m not nearly old enough (mentally) to have this happen. In the second, she has her own place in a different city and thinks she’s grown. Just because I thought I was grown at twenty-five is no reason for her to. I was wrong, so is she!Mom and Sami '90

Okay, she may be twenty-five but this is the way I remember her. She looked like a red dandelion at times and could fly off just as quickly. But she loved her big brother and was always busy charging after him or finding something to do . . .  Sami in bathroom '90  And always so helpful – must come in handy on those theater sets  Sami always helpful '90Happy Birthday Samantha Honeycutt – My Baby Girl!

4 thoughts on “When Did They Grow Up??

  1. I have a new favorite wine called “Sophia.” I suggest that instead of a box. I can’t believe she’s 25…of course my baby is 30!!!

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