April Again!

It’s almost April!! I know, we get one every year but it’s my favorite month – I have a birthday and a wedding anniversary (my 37th!! this year). And this year, we’re downsizing to move to a condo – less work than maintaining over an acre of lawn and less space to hoard stuff.

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As part of this celebration, I have a lot of books to share to good and loving homes. I’m not just talking the books I’ve written, I have tons of books gifted to me at conferences and workshops and I need to see them safely settled for when I move.

Therefore I’m giving away three bundles of books – one of contemporary romance – Quinn, Novak, Neggers, one of historical romance – McLean, Hoyt, Nash, and of course one of paranormal romance – Singh, DePaul, Green – not to mention others.

boxes of booksJust make a short comment here on the page (see that red stamp at the top) – mention which bundle you’d be most interested in and Hubby (who is delighted to make room in the house) will draw names from three hats to help me downsize.

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Hope you have a wonderful Spring, aren’t allergic and find time to settle back with a glass of wine and a book you’ve rescued and will give a forever home. Thanks!

Saw this incredible sculpture by Alicia Martin and wanted to share – fortunately I’m not this bad!ArtistAliciaMartin1-_tb7v avalanch of books

25 thoughts on “April Again!

  1. You are a new to me author. I am looking forward to your books.
    I am interested in the contemporary romance bundle.

  2. Donna, I would like to help you downsize, it sounds like you have a great assortment. I think maybe contemporary would be my choice.

  3. All sound great as I can have one. I will chose the Historical ones.
    Have a very happy birthday
    Have a very happy 37th annivarsary

  4. I would love to provide a nice air conditioned home here with an avid reader inside for your box of historical books. I know you hate to part with them as do I. Even after I read a book, I am reluctant to give it up.

    Oh well, such is the plight of the READER!

  5. I love getting packages in the mail and if books are inside, well, that’s even better. I would like to read the Historicals.

  6. Hey Donna…Would love to help you downsize. I would be very happy with any but if I had to choose just one, it would be paranormal as I lost most of mine to a burst pipe.


  7. I have followed your writing for years…back when After the Future wasn’t even finished!!! Please count me in!!!!

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