5 Years?!

I can’t believe I’ve been a published author for 5 years today. Yep, in 2012 Rth Rising released on this date. The sequel, Rth Claimed is out and the third chapter is under construction. 

I started out with science fiction because that’s my first love when reading – stories like The Melting Trilogy, and Alien Embrace but I quickly branched out to paranormal with books like Learning Trust and Wraith’s Heart. That’s the Stephen King influence – I don’t write horror but so much of his works feel normal until that little twist comes in. And I absolutely love his voice – he writes the way I talk.  

Then to my surprise, I found myself writing small town romance. That started with Homecoming, the book that came from cleaning out my parents’ home after they passed, which lead to Red Shoes and Mac’s Family, and my Christmas novellas.

My latest (number 19???) Another Time releases on March 8 and is available for pre-order now.  

I’ve written my whole life – I’ve always said that, but with the move to the condo, I actually found my old manuscripts, some dating from elementary school which won’t be available for the light of day, but I was trying and definitely enjoying myself. Those ten years that I wrote fanfic for the X-Files gave me the courage to let people read when I wrote instead of hiding it under the bed.

I write what I want to read and the fact that so many of you also enjoy my stories is the best thing to wake up to every morning. You make me want to race to my office and get another chapter saved.

Thank you all for this opportunity – it means more than you can know.

Click here, here, here or here for more information! You can also click on the covers themselves for a excerpt.



2 thoughts on “5 Years?!

  1. I truly do love your writing. I love that I can eagerly and enthusiastically recommend you to my friends. I’ve had many conversations where a friend will begin,”I don’t really read science fiction. To which I can answer, “Me either! But these book are great and they will change your mind!” I’ve had more that one friend come back to thank me and tell me I was right!

    Congratulation on your 5 years and please, keep writing!

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