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OMG! It’s live on Tuesday, September 1!!!
Available for pre-order now.

Hazardous to the Touch

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 Another Time hit #1 for Science Fiction/Time Travel at Amazon, twice!! – Yes I am over the moon!!!!

And now this! 


Great review for Alien Embrace!
A Book and A Dish – Martha Cheves


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15 thoughts on “Home

  1. I loved “Rth Rising” and was surprised when I could not find it on your site. Why is it missing? And do you ever expect to do a follow-up?

    • Thanks so much! I took it down and reedited it slightly and am 3/4 finished with the sequel – I want it to go back up in time for Christmas so the sequal can go up at the same time. I hope you find it worth the wait!!

  2. I have just read my first Donna Steel book and am captivated…i love time travel and found this book “Another Time” so intriguing i now can’t wait to get into the next one…the parts that fitted together are so clever…i just know im going to have to read all of Donna’s books…..

  3. Amazing read my first of the Guardians books just loved it andlooking forward to second book hooked …

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