Another First

twins and Emma

The twins with friend Emma

Attended another first this weekend – a first birthday for the first set of twins in the family. You know, you forget the chaos of a bunch of little kids. Boy, did it all come rushing back. Since I’m the age to put them down and forget where I put them, it’s good parents are young and energetic. I thought I handled a lot, but twins! Not twice the work, something like 16 times the work. Not sure of the math but my nephew and his wife were champions! I don’t think they even broke a sweat.

Discovered that their birthday is the same as their grandmother (my sister-in-law), their uncle and my brother-in-law on the other side, not to mention Jane Lynch and Dale Robertson.  Decided to check and Samhain in nine month before that . . . Mmmm

My hardiest congratulations and praise to this lovely young couple. Those boys were enjoying themselves and knew they were the crown princes for the day.  Bet they slept all night too.  table 3


The work crew – grandparents at their best


2 thoughts on “Another First

    • I was on fertility drugs for the first one – yee gods, talk about fear. Watching someone that young do it was still scary. Not me!

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