Beach Vacation 2016!

us on beach 062016What an incredible week! Didn’t get much physical writing done, but what a great relaxing week.  ocean Isle 061916

Went to Ocean Isle for the first part – sat on the beach the first couple of days just to absorb it.

Ate at the pool bar the first night loving the breeze and the atmosphere. The resort served a full hot breakfast every morning as well and we took full advantage.

The wind came up the second day and after getting sand blasted for a while, came inside and worked on the jigsaw puzzle. Had great fresh seafood at Calabash, even enough to bring home for lunch the next day. Slept late, walked on the beach before it got hot and just vegged out.

vacation puzzleLeft on Thursday to visit relatives. Cousins Betsy and Peetie are in New Bern so headed up that way. Had a wonderful visit, caught up on their families – another great-grandchild coming in a couple of weeks for Peetie.

Darhon & Peetie 062116Me & Betsy 062116Then on Friday headed down to Charleston to visit with friends Kaye and Todd. They have remodeled their home and I adored it. She really needs to come decorate my place because I fall so far short of her skills. She is also the consummate hostess and we were pampered beyond belief.

Friday night we went on a catamaran cruise around Charleston Harbor. Talk about zen (until the thunderstorm came up at the last few minutes but we docked safely). Just the most peaceful time ever.

But Saturday night they took us to Theater 99 in Charleston – it’s improv and I was chosen to go up on stage to answer questions about myself for them to perform around for the show. Admitting that I wrote Romance Novels set them off – and they asked so many questions they had to cut the skits short! It was one of the biggest hoots I’ve ever had. They even introduced my Studmuffin hubby and told him how lucky he was! Have parts of it recorded, maybe Youtube?? LOL!  Thanks Brandy!

us at improv 062516    improv stage    me on stage 062316

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I would love to see those clips on Youtube – let me know when you get them up.

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