Release Day for A Different Time

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It’s here! Book Two in the Guardians of Now Series – A Different Time. 


Dusty and Dee are back in the present but what a different present it is! They’d had no plans to change the future when they found themselves in 1891, but then they hadn’t planned to travel to 1891 in the first place. And they don’t know how or why they’re back…


Excerpt –


The Guardian rose as she felt the presence of the Elder approaching. It was unprecedented for an Elder to seek her out in her personal chambers. For an instant, apprehension touched her. Had her secret been uncovered before she could make a report?


The Guardian bowed, then straightened her flesh colored robe and faced her mentor. “You honor me with your presence. How may I be of assistance?”

“I am here for a report on your project.”

An Elder came toherfor a report? Did the Elder know of the contact the Guardian had received?

“Of course. Please sit. Refreshments?”

With a wave of her hand the Elder declined both.

“Is there anything specific you would wish to know?” A stall tactic, for the Guardian realized the time to reveal all had come.

“I have seen the change in you, Daughter. Others have discussed this new vitality you possess. Is it caused by this project?”

“Yes, Elder. I am honored you would seek me out. These humans I now study . . . excite me.”

The Elder’s eyebrow rose but she waited.

“They are a young species, maturing at an accelerated, nearly fantastic rate. There have been missteps and backward slides. I believe it is why I was assigned to watch and if necessary, assist them. After observing many of their generations, I located a pair of humans who appeared to be a step above the others in terms of evolution.”

The Elder listened with interest in her eyes. “We were apprised of your plan to remove the pair from their time stream in an attempt to repair some of those missteps.”

“Yes, and the plan was approved. Shall I continue?”

The Elder inclined her head.

“The couple, a male and a female, relocated to a strategic time and place in their society’s past and the planet itself has benefited from the changes they instigated. The atmosphere and water are cleaner, and the health of the populace has improved from the resulting modifications.”

“There was talk of an evolutionary step.”

“Yes. The couple has mated. It is my hope their offspring will become our first direct contact with this species.”

Isthere an offspring?”

“At this time there are only cells, no consciousness. I sensed an . . . an Essence waiting to see if the cells become viable. If these do not, it will wait until one does.”

“Why did you choose to bring them back to their present?”

The Guardian looked down for an instant, the unfamiliar feeling of guilt rising. It was time for these facts to be known and studied beyond her. “I did not.”

“I do not understand. Are you saying you did not return them?”

“No, Elder. I have investigated the phenomena thoroughly. When my study did not reveal a way for this to have occurred, I prepared a report for the Elders. Before I could submit it, I was . . . contacted.”

“Contacted? By whom? By the entity that did return them?”

The Guardian nodded. “Yes. I hope the communication will continue. I am not able to direct it at this time.”

“Who are you in communication with, my daughter?”

“The Essence.”


For the beginning of Dusty and Dee’s tale check out Another Time – Book One of the Guardians of Now Series. (FREE 6/19-23!!)

Getting Back on Track


That sounds like I went on a wild binge. I didn’t.

What I did do was host my three-year-old grandson for a week. I now fully understand why young people have babies instead of older ones. I adore that boy. I would throw myself in front of a train to protect him, but wow had I forgotten what three-year-olds are like. Where the heck does all that energy come from?? 

They’re smaller, they should have less stamina. It’s not fair!

We had a wonderful time. He woke up in a great mood every morning. I admit was I was little concerned he’d be homesick but that didn’t happen. He was fine and content to be with us, mostly with his “best buddy, Granddar” but he tolerated me as well.

We did things every day – swimming three different times, a trip to the Children’s Museum here in town (that I didn’t know existed prior to his visit), even a shopping trip to Lowe’s. He was cool with it all – even meeting my roommate relatives and playing with their grandkids. When we were home we played with his Dad’s old toys and watched some videos.

I miss him already and want to do it again – after I get some more gym time in. You need to train for that kind of thing. Maybe in a couple of months . . .


June Already?

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I know, I know, just can’t believe it.  It’s a big month for me!

A Different Time – Book Two of the Guardians of Now series launches June 20 – and you can pre-order it here!

And Soul Mate Publishing will be putting Another Time – Book One of the Guardians of Now  on sale to celebrate the launch. Whoo hoo! Another TIme will be FREE fromJune 19-23!!!

I’ll be hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway in it’s honor as well – you could win a $10 Amazon card or a truly funky watch, because, hey it’s all about time.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


CONGRATULATIONS to Samantha M and Jen P for winning the giveaway!


AND I’m playing over at The Romance Reviews all month – lots of giveaways and prizes there, so stop by.

Book three – A New Time is well underway and well as getting my Rebel Ink titles re-edited, re-covered and back up ASAP! Have you see the new covers yet? And more on the way!


Feeling Overwhelmed


I’m using you guys to decompress…

Working under deadline, which is my job and I love it, and that is manageable. It’s the other stuff that’s taking me under. I will make the deadline to get A Different Time out in June!!

Received word yesterday that my uncle, someone so alive and still busy, died while snorkeling during a Disney cruise. He was 83 and obviously not finished. No word on arrangements because of the autopsy, so his body is still out of the country. Disney made arrangements for my aunt to come home. We’re a close family and all are shaken. Have talked and emailed cousins all over the country.

I’m also in charge of programming for my local RWA chapter. That already takes me outside of my comfort zone – remember, writer, introvert. We’re working on our all day conference in October and finally found a venue (who knew so many people got married in October!) and have the speakers-incredible ones that I love-but working with budgets and logistics are not my thing.

A dear friend just moved here, only a couple of minutes away and I’ve been helping her move in and unpack. Reinforces that I ain’t never gonna move again!! I’m too old for this s**t. I’d love to be more help, but see above.

Also, sadly Rebel Ink Press is closing its doors the end of June, so all of my titles are reverting to me. That means I have to re-edit them and in some cases get new covers, etc. to get them back on-line and available. They were so classy about the closing, notifying us six months in advance, but that time has flown. They were the ones who took a chance on a new author and got me going in this strange new career. I’ll miss them.


Thanks guys, I needed this…


Re-Release of The Infection, Book One of The Melting Series


I’m so proud to announce that The Infection is back on-line! Beginning today, it’s on sale for $.99 for the month of May. I plan to have Book Two – The Progression up in August. If you liked Nora Roberts’ Year One, (I certainly did!) this may be one you’ll enjoy. 

With Rebel Ink Press closing their doors, all fifteen of my books they published are being returned to me for renovation, expansion and new covers! Dance Partner and Wraith’s Heart are already back up. Thank you again, Rebel!!

Amazon. B&N, iBooks, Kobo

Check out an excerpt for The Infection


Festival Cruise Ship Gloriana, off the coast of Alaska

Linda Carson pulled her scarf closer around her head. The breeze from the glacier had picked up and she lifted her face to enjoy it, breathing deeply of the crisp, fresh air. She blinked as the flash went off and grinned at Gary, her brand new husband. He smiled back as he checked on the picture he’d taken. It was a good one and he shared it with her. She shook her head but laughed, happy to see him having so much fun.  Who but Gary would have thought of a luxury cruise to Alaska for a honeymoon? He would make her life interesting. They moved on to another part of the railing to make room for other passengers coming up on deck to enjoy the sun and the glaciers.

She took a position on the port side of the ship, next to an older African-American woman. The woman turned to her. “I visited here on my twenty-fifth birthday. Look at the difference.” She held up a picture of the glacier they faced from her trip so many years in the past. Linda looked at it and compared it to the current coastline. The ice had retreated so terribly far. She knew about the melting phenomena; she’d read about it, but seeing the picture was incredible.

As Linda and her fellow passenger chatted, she took note of the sheer size of these coastal glaciers. They certainly looked like they would last forever. The only way to appreciate the magnitude was to use the other three cruise ships in the bay as contrast. Her eye simply couldn’t take in that the glacier loomed hundreds of feet high and the ships could draw no closer because of the constant calving of the ice. Even as they stood watching, another huge chunk of ice separated from the main glacier and the impact sent a water geyser into the air.

Linda knew how big those ships were. Their ship had been docked with the others a couple of times already on this trip. Thousands of people, twenty-five hundred passengers on their ship alone, were standing here and on those other ships, looking at the wild grandeur of the coastline and the glaciers that had helped to form it.

What an incredible honeymoon.

She and the woman visited for few minutes more. Linda looked up as Gary joined them.

“Gary, this is Mildred Ferguson.” Linda held out Mildred’s photos. “Look at these pictures of the glaciers.”

He looked at them, then nodded to the older woman and led Linda away. “Come here, I like this angle.”

“Okay, but you get in the picture with me.”

“Sure.” Gary turned to another passenger standing nearby and handed him the camera.


Antonia and Marco Moretti had certainly come up in the world. The cruise had been wonderful. All five children with their spouses and families were together, and with them for their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The grandchildren had loved it, playing together in the pool on the ship. And in Alaska, no less! Antonia shook her head in amazement.

When Antonia’s children had been so young there had been no money for such an extravagant vacation. She complained, a little, about the cost of a cruise even now, but having the children—she could still call them that, though Giovanni was nearing forty-nine years old—together was worth it. The cousins had gotten to know one another better. Her youngest daughter’s two little girls had been spoiled and had gotten over their shyness quickly when they’d met and played with their older cousins.

Antonia already dreaded saying goodbye to everyone once they got back to Rome, but she was glad for the two days here in New York City to break the trip. She and Marco would keep the little ones in the hotel tonight while the others—the older cousins and their parents went out to “experience” Times Square. Such a lot of people in one place! No, she was happy to stay in with the bambinos. At sixty-seven years old, and Marco at sixty-nine, they had no business out in such a crowd. Besides, the boat to the Statue of Liberty this morning had been crowded, and the Empire State Building line long and full of people. She had no desire to be in another crowd tonight.

The next morning as they all herded to the airport, she felt her age and even had a slight headache. The little ones were cranky and tired. It was time to go home.


Miko Yamada entered the huge Tokyo airport after her flight and stopped to get her breath. She needed to make her way to the luggage pickup, but she had a little time and the airport teemed with people. She was glad she had made the trip back to see the glaciers once again before they were gone. It had been difficult making the trip without Tetsu, but she had promised him that after he was gone, she would return for the both of them.

Seeing the young couple on the deck of the ship as they had looked at what remained of the huge glaciers had brought back memories of her and Tetsu’s own honeymoon. The ship hadn’t been as grand, but with Tetsu beside her, it hadn’t mattered. She had made her pilgrimage and honored her promise.

Still a little breathless and with a slight headache, probably due to fatigue, Miko moved on through the crowds to pick up her luggage. The bullet train would also be crowded. She was anxious to get home.


Bejo Darmadi felt lucky today. The cruise was over, his tips had been outstanding, and he was packed to go home for the first time in two years. He would fly into Jakarta, then take a bus on to Malang. It would take most of a day, but he would see his family again. He had gifts packed for everyone and he knew a party had been planned in his honor. He’d be with his family and friends and spend his vacation relaxing and eating his mother’s and grandmother’s home cooking. His name meant Lucky in Indonesian and he felt it today, despite the slight headache. What could be better?


And the contamination continued.

They had no clue that in less than a month they would all be dead.


P.S. On a different topic, Another Time is up for the RONE award – I’m so excited.  If you’d like, you can vote for it at RONE. Thanks!!

I love April


It’s my birthday month (and my anniversary month) so I’m gonna celebrate the whole time. It’s one of those landmark years for the birthday (you don’t want to know) so I can do what I want.

What I want is to give you presents. My latest book – Cancun Memories – will be on sale for 99¢ all month.

It’s my 22nd book – who knew! I remember when I wondered if I could finish a book (turns out I can), so I’m celebrating that too.

As part of the celebration I’m also hosting a Rafflecopter with a several prizes, including a $10 Amazon card, so please check that out below! Like I said, it’s my birthday and I can enjoy it all. You can enter daily, so come celebrate with me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I Want a Do-Over

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Let’s rewind to the first of the year and do this sucker over. January was a horrible month and I want a mulligan.

First, I still had the kidney stone. Finally after the second surgery, that was over, except for the stent, which last several more days. Not to get into TMI, it’s not much better than the stone for day-to-day living. Been living with the stone since December 8, but since it wasn’t moving, I wasn’t complaining too much. Not much different than living with a time bomb strapped to you.

Then when I thought it was over, and had plans to return to the gym, the flu jumped me. Fever got up to 101.8. Thank goodness I’d taken the flu shot (have every year for 20+ years) because my immunity had taken a major hit. Due to the shot, I had a much milder case than I could have.  

Had to miss the official 3rd birthday party for the Grandson, but we’ll do our own celebratin’ in the near future.

But all this has taken an axe to my creativity. I’ve done a lot of editing, which is good, since I’m getting the rights back to the books previously published by Rebel Ink Press, but not good for new stuff I want/need to get down on paper. Have done a lot of mental writing while resting, but that’s not good enough.

Got Dance Partner back up and okayed the new cover of The Infection – The Melting Book One yesterday.

Going to my monthly RWA meeting – Heart of the Carolina Romance Writers – on Saturday and I know that always gives me a jolt of creativity. Being around those women is always incredible. And next week beginning Monday, I’m going incommunicado to catch up. Wish me luck! 




P.S. Got back to the gym! Felt so much better after water aerobics