– Moe’s Christmas


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Ever think those secondary characters need a book of their own – Moe did after Before You and here it is!

Moe hasn’t taken time to think about his lack of female companionship for a while. When his cousin, Noah, finds the love of his life, it awakens something in him.

Kim is recovering, from being shot at a mall on Black Friday, from a disastrous marriage, from being separated from her sons. And it’s Christmas.

When these two people meet, the possibility of life making sense again might make this a great Christmas after all.


Author’s Note –

Moe’s Christmas takes place in the Before You universe. If you haven’t read that, the characters are related in a large family of seventeen cousins, raised more as siblings than cousins. They are the children of the six sons of Simon Edwards. Moe was not the lead in Before You, but played a huge role and I fell in love with the big lug. When he asked for his own story, I was delighted to accommodate him.