Rth Rising Series, Book 1 – Rth Rising

Rth Rising final by RS 103115 copy

A headstrong girl, Kat has been raised in a colony far from her ancestral home of Rth.  She comes up against the will of Puter – the computer programmed on Rth to serve them, but also control them.

Thwarted from the area of study Kat yearned for- a doctor – by Puter’s increasingly puzzling decrees, nevertheless, Kat determines to excel in her assigned profession – Enforcer.

As an enforcer, Kat learns even more about the infrastructure of the arcology she inhabits and the minds of the people who try to break Puter’s rules.

She is assigned by her mentor, and head of the enforcers, to hunt down and return a ‘shirker’, any colonist who tries to escape Puter’s authority.  Kat sets out to make her mentor proud.

This shirker, Davd, a handsome and mysterious fellow enforcer, is more than she bargained for, and sparks fly when he turns the tables on her, capturing and kidnapping her away from all she knows.

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Book 2 – Rth Claimed now available through Amazon  iBooks,  Barnes & Noble,  Kobo

Book 3 – Rth Home available February 1   Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble,  Kobo

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