– Alien Embrace

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When Lori Sullivan wakes in the hospital with no memories, her first response is panic. Then psychiatrist Dr. Mark Greene shows up in her room, top of the rotation for emergency patients. Mark seems familiar somehow, though he doesn’t seem to know her. Mark is instantly drawn to this new patient with the strange, beautiful eyes. She’s vulnerable and lost, and he finds himself caught in the position of wanting more than a professional relationship with Lori. Neither one can see what a relationship between the two of them will lead to, for them or for the planet.

Vestila has been destroyed by over population and over industrialzation. That’s why Lori was sent to Earth, to carry the memory of of their civilization for possible future generations of Vestilians, but also to warn Earth before it’s too late.


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Excerpt – 

Putting Mark out of her mind hadn’t been easy. With him gone, Lori had little to keep herself occupied and sleep seemed far away. She couldn’t remember her home or anything about where she lived. She knew her name but that meant nothing to her so far, and certainly hadn’t led to more information. Dr. Jacobi had finally told her that he didn’t know how she had arrived at the hospital. There was no record from the ambulance log. Apparently, she had appeared in the ER, and been treated. She had no memory of that either—nothing.

When she first awakened, she had been in this room.

She could remember English now, though she was beginning to suspect that English wasn’t her first language after all. What else did she know about herself? The nurse had given her the purse found beside her and she’d searched through the bag. There had been no makeup, only a comb, a wallet and a cell phone. Her address meant nothing to her. She couldn’t visualize her home at all. What she could visualize was Dr. Greene.

Something about the man made her feel safe. He didn’t know her. He was a stranger like everyone else. But she felt different with him. It wasn’t just that he was handsome—okay, more like drop-dead gorgeous. She couldn’t help but admire him with that trim body, wide shoulders, and thick chestnut hair. She liked the way his hair flopped down over his brow, like he might need a haircut but hadn’t bothered to take the time. His driver’s license no doubt listed his eyes as brown but they were darker than that, more of a melted dark chocolate.

That startled her. When had she taken the time to notice his eyes? He was muscular as well. He’d been wearing slacks and a sports coat, not a suit. And he’d come in on a Sunday to check on her, twice.

That fact made her feel warm. Yes, she was his patient and maybe he did that for all of his patients but he made her feel protected somehow. As scary as everything was right now, when he’d been here, she wasn’t afraid.

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