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Reviews – If you like a good love story, a lot of justice against bad guys, and surprising paranormal twists, you’ll love this book. – Summer Kinard, author of Can’t Buy Me Love

– I will be adding Ms. Steele to my favorite authors list and will soon start reading the rest of her works. She knows what she is doing! Buy this book, you won’t be disappointed :). –  A. Mendicino

– I truly didn’t know what to expect from this book. You could call it a procedural with a “paranormal bouquet” but that would undersell the tale. It has aspects of a thriller, more than one supernatural angle, humor, and a “hot” romance to boot. It kept me guessing what would come next in the best possible way. I loved that I couldn’t predict how it would turn out. “Wraith’s Heart” made my heart ache but it also gladdened it. I was sad that the story ended – I would love to see more of these characters! – Average Josephine


When Gail Duncan finds herself in her home town with no memory and, unfortunately, dead, she’s a little confused. Deciding to stay close to Ryan Davis, the hunky detective investigating her murder she might as well help out on the case.

Ryan has other problems than this recent murder. He earned his honorable discharge but the past is still with him. He’s used to seeing things as black and white, so what’s helping him with his investigation, and why is his apartment no longer as lonely?

Together they work on the case and learn about one another, and what they can accomplish, in ways neither had ever dreamed.

Snippet –

Gail knew she shouldn’t be enjoying this. Hell, she shouldn’t be doing it. It was probably considered coercion or something, but this asshole deserved it. Gail ran her finger over his left collar bone again then clamped her hand around his thick bull neck.

He almost came out of the chair. His eyes were darting around the room and he seemed afraid to move, though he was still shivering.

She had heard some of what Dr. Collins had told Ryan about Genevieve’s previous injuries. This guy knew about some of them at least.

Dan was scared. He and Ryan were obviously alone in the room, but something was happening to him he couldn’t see. Gail wondered if he’d believed in ghosts before.


      Ryan’s temper was under control now. Hell, he was fighting not to laugh. It wasn’t Genevieve tormenting the man. It was Gail. He knew the feel of her and she was helping him. Dan would never have broken for him. But this was fascinating to watch.

“Could I get you some water?” Ryan asked Dan innocently.

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