Christmas Decorating ’17

We’re overdoing it this year. Since we didn’t get to do any decorating last year, not even a tree, I pulled out all the stops this time.  

We don’t have a mantle any more, but we made it work. We’re using my antique dresser now – it came out of the barn after the house fire when Momma was 5, so we’re taking 1924 and it was old then. It was constructed with no nails, only pegs, and works perfectly.

We have two trees – one green and filled with my ornaments, and one metal with strictly round ornaments. Believe me, we have enough ornaments to fill both. And I love being able to display my fairies again.


It’s fun finding new locations for our Santas and the tree, and making new memories. But I do have pics of the old locations. Great memories. No wonder I love writing those Christmas novellas every year! What are your traditions – must have decorations out each year?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating ’17

  1. How beautiful! I don’t decorate indoors until much closer to the holiday, but I love to mark the Advent season with the hopeful, austere look of single window-candles. So up they go today, ready to flicker on at nightfall.

  2. Your decorations look beautiful. I usually start to decorate right after Thanksgiving. Nothing like you though. This year we’re traveling to the kids, so not much – little tabletop tree, nativity and a basket on the dining room table. Done. The thing is it is much better and easier after Christmas. I’m always for that.

    • Growing up we decorated on 12/15 – my sister’s birthday and it just wasn’t long enough for me. Momma demanded everything down before New Years. I’ll probably go for easier next year, but first in a new home – yes!

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