Cover Reveal – Mac’s Family

Macs Family-Flat


When Mac is injured and returns to the states, it’s to find his Grandfather gone and the business in his hands. But what has his attention is the female in distress he rescues his first night home.

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Excerpt –

It was late and Mac was exhausted and no longer able to stand completely upright, but he couldn’t sleep. He hadn’t checked in with the VA, but with all the antibiotics they’d fed him, he wasn’t worried about infection. The problem was he had no business being out alone like this. Kevin would have stayed with him. Alone didn’t feel right, but Kevin wasn’t the right person. Becky certainly wasn’t.

Was he upset that Becky and Kevin had hooked up while he was gone? They’d said nothing but he knew. Maybe when he was no longer emotionally numb, he would be angry. She’d been with him when he left. Right now he didn’t care.

The sound of running feet caught his attention. He shouldn’t be alone near the construction site this time of night. He could have waited for daylight to check it out. Hell, this place was probably more dangerous than Afghanistan anyway.

There were more people running than he could take on in his current state so he slid behind a dumpster to wait for them to pass him. He was barely settled when someone small slipped in with him.

She, yes definitely a she, bumped into him and he felt her ready herself to scream before his hand clamped over her mouth and he pulled her further into the shadows with him. Two, no three men ran by. Were they searching for this girl?

He needed to get both of them out of here quick.

“Keep quiet or they’ll find us,” he breathed into her ear. She froze for an instant then nodded.

He removed his hand from her mouth and she didn’t scream. A point for her. He took her hand and they cautiously moved out into the alley. She stayed close and kept quiet as he picked his way out of the debris around the dumpster and into the construction yard proper.

Together they hurried to the trailer at the back of the site. He was already fingering the keys as they moved. Being careful not to jingle anything, he unlocked the door and pulled it silently closed behind them. He relocked it and took a deep breath.

“You okay?”

He felt her nod more than saw it. It was dark in here and he didn’t want to turn on a light yet.

The idiocy of the whole thing hit him then. He’d brought a stranger into the trailer. The people chasing her could have been cops. No, they would have announced themselves. But that didn’t make her one of the good guys.

Had he learned nothing during his deployment?

7 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Mac’s Family

  1. Well, that little tidbit got me interested. Looking forward to reading more. Glad you are into the swing of this writing (new career) and it seems to be going full swing. Good for you…………………………….

  2. I have been very patient waiting for this one, because I know you wouldn’t let me down… I’m hooked!

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