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Yes, book four of the Conall Clan is now available for pre-order! Budapest Fairy Tale is the story of Marcel. You met him when he and Karen, his sister, were kidnapped by Eric in book two. He demanded his own story and I was happy to oblige.

This family has really caught my imagination and a fifth book is currently under construction. Let me know who you think needs a story – I love suggestions from my readers. I’m giving away four copies (fourth book, right), so send in your thoughts to be entered in the contest! Just reply to the blog with the red stamp above and you’re in.

Coming October 5 – Amazon

Visiting Budapest during the writing of the story was the icing on the cake. I saw most of the places I wrote about, though it would take weeks to see everything I wanted to. If you’ve read my newsletter you’ve seen a lot of my pictures and they show so little of the magnificence of the place.



Here’s a little excerpt –


“Are you getting cold?” Jacquelyn asked.

“I’ve been overheated since I first laid eyes on you,” he admitted.

“Too bad, we could go to one of the thermal baths and spas. There are a dozen of them around.”

“Bath? Like massages and stuff? Even in the winter?”

She grinned, “Yes. There are saunas and steam rooms in addition to the baths. It’s very relaxing.”

“I didn’t bring a suit,” he groaned.

“I did and one for you. Not a lot of tourists enjoy it in this weather. The baths are thermal however, so the water will keep us warm. I think we would be fine.”

“You are definitely my lifemate. Let’s go.”

He could see the steam rising from the water as they approached. There were more people than he had imagined, though it still wasn’t crowded. As they separated to change, she handed him a small bag and he pulled the suit out.

“Uh, are you kidding?”


“It’s, uh, very European.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s a Speedo. I’m not sure . . .”

“You’re not self-conscious about your body, are you? I can tell you, you will put the others to shame.”

“It’s just a little embarrassingly small. And with you standing so close, I can barely fit in what I’m wearing now.”

The loveliest blush covered her face as her eyes danced. “If we’re to be mated, I need to know what I’m getting, don’t you think?”

“That’s fair. Be advised, everyone else here will see what you’re getting, too.” Her laughter made his heart turn flips, and he kissed her. “Hurry, I want to see what I’m getting as well.”

He forced himself to the dressing room, feeling her eyes on his back. The room where he changed reminded him of the wine cellar at the house, with the cavern-like ceiling of brick. Both were so much older than anything he had ever seen back in the States.

His heart nearly stopped at the sight of her in a one-piece black bathing suit. It was modest compared to many here, and to his mind, classier. Jacquelyn had pulled her long hair up into a messy bun and strands of the dark silk were already pulling free to outline her face. She was by far the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and this suit showed that off with grace and refinement.

He wanted to devour her.

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