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This one is close to my heart. I’ve been recycling since 1975 – back then you had to take your old newspapers (which was all that anyone recycled) to the local fire department and put them in a bin. That at least has gotten easier – in most counties they pick up the recycling like they do the garbage.  Unfortunately not in my county, so I’m back to taking it all in to a fire department in the next county, but it’s worth it. I also drive a hybrid and carpool. Helps the environment and the purse. There’s only the one planet that we that we inhabit so far, right?

That’s the kind of science fiction romance I write. If you’ve read Rth Rising, you know where the story came from. Might as well tell you, there are two other books (plus the sequel to Rth Rising) in various states of construction because this theme means a lot to me.

Do I read on a Kindle or Nook, yes I do. And one of the great advantages of it is that I can make the font bigger! We’re not going to talk about age, did that earlier in April, but it really is a good thing. A couple of books I purchased lately had the print so close to the inside margin I was cracking the spine to see it all. It felt like I was torturing the poor thing. Also, when I travel I can carry all the books I could possibly read stuck in an airport without straining my back.

I’m not saying paper books are ever going to go away. I hope they don’t. They feel good and smell good and I like seeing my old favorites on the shelf, but until they start using bamboo or eucalyptus paper – think about going “e” at least part of the time. If nothing else, remember the font can be your size!
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Happy Earth Day, and here’s a snippet from Rth Rising.

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The window inserts irritated, and on some level offended Lil, showing pristine landscapes of the old world. If they hadn’t destroyed Rth with their pollution and overpopulation, maybe some of that lovely landscape would still exist. To Lil it was a travesty to display what had been so corrupted.

She displayed copies of some classic Rth art in her own apartment, though not landscapes, but she also enjoyed art created here on New Home. They would live out the rest of their lives on this planet, so in her opinion, people should appreciate the culture they created here. Lil supposed Kiera’s decorations were calming on some level, and if she lived here, maybe she would need it.

Okay, that wasn’t especially kind, but she had never been able to become friends with Keira. Maybe if she tried a little harder . . .

With an effort, Lil brought her attention back to the present. “I simply don’t know what to do.” Keira’s frustration was plain in her voice, and Lil knew she’d missed at least part of her diatribe. It wouldn’t be hard to catch up. “Every time I turn my back she’s gone. Should I follow her to the toilet? I can’t even believe her when she says she’s going there. She’s too headstrong. I don’t know how to handle her. This isn’t what I— ”

“It won’t be long, Keira.” Lil interrupted. She’d heard all of these complaints too many times. “The last DNA scans will happen this week.” Lil carefully did not allow her impatience to show.

Keira nodded. “I noticed her friend, Bree, is in another growth spurt. Her whole class is growing so fast. I wish she’d act more like Bree, more proper, less reckless.”

Lil nodded and decided to ignore the last comment. “Well, she should be in for the night. I’m going to get out of your way.”

“You’re welcome to eat with us.” The invitation was tepid at best.

“Thanks,” Lil shook her head. “I need to check on my patient, then I’m headed for bed.”

“Lil,” Keira stopped her mem-in-law before she got to the door. “Do you think there’s a chance Puter will allow Kat to train as a doctor and make something of herself?”

“I don’t try to guess what Puter will do. I’d like to think she’ll have a child one day, and follow in my footsteps, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Puter will check her DNA. We just have to trust it.”

Keira sighed. “You’re right. If you change your mind, stop back by and eat with us.”

“Thanks,” Lil managed to smile at her daughter-in-law. Keira rose from the table and put the cups in the recycler. She looked over at the door to Kat’s room as Lil left the apartment.

“Make something of herself,” Lil muttered once she was out of earshot. The woman was an idiot, despite her position in management in the retail section. To work off some of her tension, Lil went to the stairs instead of the mover. It was only a few flights.

The hospital, just below the school, took up three levels of the arcology. The first level held labs and testing. This was where Kat and her classmates would come for their complete DNA testing before the final decision on their adult training. The second was used for minor illnesses, maternity and pediatrics, but Lil headed for the third level. Trauma and surgery were housed there, as well as more serious illnesses that needed quarantine facilities.

The rooms were a uniform soothing green, with calming art on one wall. Each room held four beds and full gimp stations were attached to every bed. With Puter to monitor everything, few personnel were necessary. An alert would be issued instantly if care was needed.

Lil’s patient was resting with his leg elevated. The clotter was already removed, and the wound glued shut. He looked up and smiled when he saw her.

“You look like you’re doing much better,” she said, taking in his color and the fact there was no tightness around his eyes.

“I am, Dr. Stans. The name’s Kyle, and I’d like to thank you.”

Lil took the outstretched hand he offered and shook it. “I’m Lil. Can you tell me what happened? I didn’t take the time to investigate the scene, but I have to make a report.”

He shook his head ruefully. “We weren’t careful enough. We were moving panels to be stored below, and we lost control of the mover. It hit one of the main walls and broke a couple of the panels. Some of the ends were sheared off and they went everywhere. One of them cut me as it went past. Let me tell you, I thought I was going to lose my leg for sure.”

“It looked worse than it was.”

“No, I believe you and that little girl saved me. Who is she? She sure was on the ball there. She handled things better than any of the adults.”

Lil smiled at the compliment. “My granddaughter, Kat. I guess she was on top of the situation.”

“You should be real proud of her. I bet she makes a great doctor someday. Puter could use more like her.”


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  1. I agree with this essay and the one on “Vampire” energy. Karen and I are recyclers from way back and own a 2007 Prius (we call it our Toyota Pious because our gas mileage is better that yours). I have power strips on the TVs, computers, and printers even though the kids make fun of me. Keep up the good work and spread the word.

  2. This sounds great! Definitely cant wait to read this one! Thank you for sharing and for the awesome hop! 🙂

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