Excerpt from Learning Trust


It has taken so long. Too long, but I have had to be so very careful. No one could be allowed to discover and thwart my plan of escape. Now I chafe at the delays. I’m so anxious to make up for the time I’ve lost.

My studies have been suspended and I have been shackled from my work. The lowly doctors here, the cretins, believe me. I have them completely reassured. That’s why I’m documenting this information. It will no doubt be studied by the finest minds in the future as others take up my research.

Soon, very soon they won’t be able to find me.

This damned incarceration has, at times, seemed to last forever. Now it is finally coming to an end.

I have one precious lead to follow. Oh yes, I have a hell of a lot of time to make up.

Years, two hellish years I’ve had to listen to the positive drivel that comes out of their pompous mouths. They have no idea who they’re working with. But I’ve kept my secrets from these lowly creatures.

They’ve never found the medicine I’ve refused to take. I’m much too intelligent to refuse outright or to ever try to hoard something like that. No, the medicine has been flushed down the toilet every time. I need to be alert, observant and careful to get every scrap of information I require.

It has taken so much time to discover how they found me. For nearly the entire first year I had no access to information in any form. Even now I have to assume they check every site I visit on-line.

Only my idiot of a lawyer comes to visit and I can feel the man’s fear and loathing of me. Such a delicious feeling. The man couldn’t possibly understand me or my goals. He knows he’s beneath me in every way.

I covered every trail. I left nothing of myself behind with any of my work, but still that bitch of a prosecutor found me.

Now I know how.


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