Excerpt from Rth Rising

While Rth Rising is on sale for $.99 (through October 5) thought I’d share this excerpt with you . . . Rth Rising final by RS 103115 copy


Excerpt from Rth Rising – 

Head turned as Kat entered and watched her admire the trophy. He assessed her silently. She was strong, fairly tall for a woman here on New Home, nearly 1.75 meters. Her pedigree was of the finest; third generation here, with strong genes from Rth. She wore her blonde hair long, pulled back in a braid, perfectly regulation. Her green eyes were steady and calm. She exuded strength and confidence.

He’d watched her since before she came under his supervision, helped her when her da was killed so suddenly. She didn’t socialize with many enforcers. He found that he approved of that. Some enforcers needed that interaction to function at their best. That wasn’t true of her. She spent more time with her family and her oldest friends and she was the better for it.

He motioned for her to move to his desk. She was agile, moving like the animal of her name and was probably the best enforcer he supervised. Kat used her abilities to see beyond the job into aspects that most enforcers either didn’t realize were important or discounted. It made her superior and kept her in Head’s sights. Besides, he liked the woman, respected her. She stood in front of his desk, her back straight, her hands clasped behind her. The uniform fit her perfectly, high-waist pants in light gray with a light blue stripe up the legs that matched the sweater. The short jacket partially covered the utility belt she wore, which held her packet containing her discs, ID and backup weapon. Her primary weapon was inside the jacket under her left arm where she could take hold of it easily. The small light blue stripes at her shoulders reminded him of epaulets from older uniforms in pictures he had seen from Rth.

She was one of the reasons they had colonized here; her and others like her—intelligent, healthy, someone to carry on the human race with dignity.

But not her.

He knew that Puter had determined she wasn’t to breed. That seemed to be happening more and more with each class as they were assigned their training. Puter decided the optimum population and apparently they had reached it. Only replacements were needed. People normally lived to be around seventy here, their health, their genes superior. Not as long as on Rth, but the gravity here was slightly higher. At least that was what he’d been taught in school. Head was in no position to contradict it. Puter, theoretically, had more information than he did. Puter ran things; that was the way everyone wanted it.

It wasn’t his place to question why genes that had been so superior on Rth were so watered down after such a short period that they were destined to be lost from the planet.

Head looked her up and down, then nodded to himself. This was the right decision. “I’m lending you to Thirdport.”


Don’t forget, the story continues in Rth Claimed – Rth Claimed by RS 011416

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