Final Supernatural Superlatives

Well apparently Supernatural Superlatives is no more, but I wanted to share my last blog with you anyway. Happy Thanksgiving…

We made it through November! Not a bad month overall. There was a Friday the 13th, but since that’s my lucky day (no one else was using it) I had a great time!


There’s lots of other paranormal things you can attribute to November as well. I didn’t know about some of these, but I find them very very cool! I’ll be checking out the links when I get a minute

November 2, 1957: The Levelland UFO Case: Texans Including Fire Chief and Sheriff See Egg-Shaped UFO

November 3, 1954: Godzilla, The Greatest Movie Monster of All Time is Born!

November 12, 1933: The First Known Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster

November 13, 1974: The REAL Amityville Horror!

November 16, 1974: Humans Attempt to Communicate With Aliens

November 23, 1953: UFO Captures US Fighter Jet! (Kinross Incident)

November 26, 1476: Vlad the Impaler Becomes Leader of Wallachia

I’ve written a short novella for an anthology with other members of Heart of the Carolinas Romance Writers  (HCRW) that will come out next year. My contribution is about the Brown Mountain Lights so I hope you’ll look for it.

Hope you have a fabuluous if different Thanksgiving, just stay safe!!! And see you in December.  And be sure to read some spooky….


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