Getting Back on Track

That sounds like I went on a wild binge. I didn’t.

What I did do was host my three-year-old grandson for a week. I now fully understand why young people have babies instead of older ones. I adore that boy. I would throw myself in front of a train to protect him, but wow had I forgotten what three-year-olds are like. Where the heck does all that energy come from?? 

They’re smaller, they should have less stamina. It’s not fair!

We had a wonderful time. He woke up in a great mood every morning. I admit was I was little concerned he’d be homesick but that didn’t happen. He was fine and content to be with us, mostly with his “best buddy, Granddar” but he tolerated me as well.

We did things every day – swimming three different times, a trip to the Children’s Museum here in town (that I didn’t know existed prior to his visit), even a shopping trip to Lowe’s. He was cool with it all – even meeting my roommate relatives and playing with their grandkids. When we were home we played with his Dad’s old toys and watched some videos.

I miss him already and want to do it again – after I get some more gym time in. You need to train for that kind of thing. Maybe in a couple of months . . .


2 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. I think that is what makes grandparents so special.. he had you all to himself, with your undivided attention and you did everything he wanted! Looks like it was fun for all .. good job gramma!

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