Had maybe twenty kids total. It’s so different that when I was a kid.

Growing up we lived one block from the elementary school and two blocks from the high school. On Halloween, Mom would buy enough candy for 200 kids. We’d lay it out on the table by the front door, nicely arranged. Then Mom would stay there while Daddy took my sister and I out for our own candy. We went several blocks, but a lot of people brought their kids to the schools and dumped them. We were nearly the first place they hit.

We’d have our fun, then headed home. The stash would be majorly depleted, so the deal was, we went through our bags and got rid of all the candy we didn’t like. LOL! I guess I’ve been recycling a lot longer than I thought, and we didn’t have a lot of candy sitting around after the event.

I’ll definitely be taking candy into the office to get rid of it tomorrow!

1 thought on “Halloween

  1. The jack-o-lantern, really? Oh well, I really used to enjoy Halloween. I was smart this year. I bought all peanut butter candy. No way that will entice me!


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