Happy Earth Day!

I’ve been celebrating it since before it became a real thing. I remember on long trips as a kid I’d see people throw trash out of car windows. Even then I asked, who’s going to pick that up? We now have the ability to adopt a highway, but not back then.

Maybe part of it comes from having parents of the Depression. Nothing got thrown away back then, it was all recycled until it fell apart. My mother’s house burnt to the ground when she was only five years old. They pulled some bureaus and a sewing machine out of the barn and put them back to work. They used water power and even solar power back then (though they didn’t call it that) to move things and heat things. The sewing machine was a pedal model, no electricity and it still works.

Maybe that’s why I write green stories. They mean a lot to me. Rth Rising, my first novel had this message. My upcoming trilogy The Melting does as well. I hope you enjoy them both.  Remember, we can’t use this planet as though we have another one to go to . . .  Rth_Cover -Optimized  ComingSoon1








Cover Revel coming May 1!

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