Happy New Year

fireworks-4New Year – when did it get to be 2014? This past year went so fast. I definitely remember when it took eons to get to be Christmas, now I barely get one paid for before the next is upon me.

I’m expecting some big changes this year and unfortunately not all good. My boss (the best boss ever) has announced his retirement. I was not ready for that one and I’m still reeling. I have no idea what it means for me but it will mean major changes. Morale at work isn’t great to begin with, so this is really a blow for everyone.

So I’m going to be working harder than ever on my writing. On one hand it takes me out of the real world which can be nice. And on the other I can be creative. Writing does take me away and I love that.  fireworks-3

Of course there’s the same old resolutions – lose some weight, do more exercise (and btw I’ve been on the treadmill every morning since Christmas), complete at least two books (that’s one I will do) and try to save a little more money toward retirement.

What about you? Do you have resolutions? Do you have big changes on the horizon? I’d love to hear from you, maybe get some inspiration! Have a wonderful, safe New Year!



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