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booksOkay, I know my stories revolve around ecology and saving the planet – even if it’s just a word or two here and there, but I can’t help being excited. Wraith’s Heart is now available in paper as well as an eBook and Wow!

I’m going to be able to hold my book in my hands, with my name on the cover. I have no doubt those of you out there with 50+ books under your belt are smiling right now. You remember your first, don’t you? Yes, I mean your first book! Stay on topic.

If I get up the nerve, I can have an actual book signing. A totally scary thought to be sure. Ebooks gave me space from my readers, a little breathing room. I knew my family read them (some of them) and my roommates and some friends but I didn’t see them do it, so I didn’t have to think about it.

What’s that quote from Robert Heinlein – “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

Now I’m going to be out there. Not famous, but known in some circles and that’s a weird feeling. I never thought about that side of it. The marketing, the social media – I just thought I could go off by myself and write. Okay, I’ve known different about that side of things for a couple of years now but in paper…on shelves…heck, in libraries!

Think I’ll go have a glass of wine to celebrate. I’ve earned the hot flash.

Wraith’s Heart

For the next 6 hours Wraith’s Heart is on discount for the paperback –

3 thoughts on “In Paper

  1. That is exciting. I must confess–I’m pretty much a hold-an-actual-book-in-my-hands reader; however, I do have a couple of ebooks. Of course my problem now is that my iPad is almost out of memory (too much stuff), so I’m glad you’ll be in paperback.

    • I’m about half and half now. I use the Kindle a lot and I love the instant delivery- LOL! But I’m with you about this one. To hold a book with my name on it – yeah….

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