It’s Been a Year!

Yep, retirement is still everything I always hoped it would be. I consider it one of the top decisions I ever made, with marrying Hubby #1. Of course, I had a plan and I followed it. Retirement pic 1

I got my dream – to write full time. And it has been all I thought it would be. I’ve self-published three books and sold one to Soul Mate Publishing. I’ve got a couple others in various states of completion.

After a year I admit it’s even now a thrill to get up and not have to go anywhere or get “dressed.” I swim for 30 minutes, then head to my office. The working atmosphere is really great, no one to annoy me or interrupt me and I get so much more done.

Hubby will retire on the first anniversary of my retirement and that’s going to add a whole new dimension to things but I think my routine is pretty well set. From 7 a.m. to Noon, stay out of my way – that’s when I hibernate in my office and write.

retirement piic 2 But other things get to happen now as well – we go visit the Grandkidlet every 6-8 weeks. Just walk out the door and go and not have to worry about getting back at any specific time or day. I continue to clean out the house so I don’t leave my kids what my parents left me (remember that process turned into a novel – Homecoming).

I know I was lucky – very supportive hubby, pension, and so far, health. My mother worked until she was 80 – not that she had to, she wanted to and she did sleep with the boss for 55 years. That isn’t me. I wanted out, wanted time to do something for me and I do appreciate it. Thanks for celebrating this anniversary with me and I hope you continue to drop by!  happy birthday

To help with the celebration, (and make merry for my birthday) leave me a comment – that enters you into a chance to win a copy of your choice from my ebooks backlist!  Book List

Alien Embrace Cover 5 copy  Rth Rising final by RS 103115 copy  Rth Claimed final cover  Melting trilogy box set close up

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10 thoughts on “It’s Been a Year!

  1. What a blessed life — all the best as you continue to pursue your passions…I’m sure you and the hubby will enjoy your expanded time together! 😉

    Happy birthday my fellow Aries!

  2. Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary!!!

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your second career, and your status as Grandma. My son just married a great lady, and I went from 0 to 3 grandkids on their wedding day! They don’t live close enough for visiting, but I hope to get that chance soon. Best of everything to you, Donna(h)!!!


    P.S. I already have all your ebooks, so you can skip me for the drawing 😉

  3. WOW! Donna, you truly amaze me!! Even after knowing you since COLLEGE DAYS in the 70’s, you STILL continue to amaze and delight with your delightful way with words, whether written or spoken. Either way, you inspire, and I am so happy for you!!!
    Happy BIRTHday today, and Happy EVERY day:)!!
    You are a dear!!

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