Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven! Here are the rules: Go to page 77 in your current manuscript. Go to Line 7. Copy down the next seven lines as they are – no cheating. Tag 7 other authors. Post the lines in your blog.

I’m tagging: Char Chaffin, Rose Vanden Eynden,  Nancy LaPonzina, Nancy Badger, Lori Keizer, Carol Strickland, Lilly Gayle – Have fun with it, ladies!

“We know each other.” There was a slight defensiveness to her tone. She wanted to stake
her claim, but a fellow enforcer—a woman—was inside his apartment. “We were supposed
to meet for, uh, for lunch, but he didn’t show. I wanted to make sure he was . . .”

Kat stepped back to allow her to enter. “He’s not here right now. Would you like to leave a message?”

“No. No, thank you.” Her voice became a little more formal. She’d taken the time to assess
Kat’s appearance now and found it lacking. “Is everything all right?”

Kat ignored her question and picked up the empty frame again. “Could you tell me what was in this frame?”

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