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Bloodstock was released February 6 and as usual with Cyn’s writing became my new favorite – check it and her out!

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You are going to be new to many of my readers. Tell us about yourself.  Bloodstock

I’m a transplanted Yankee living in Florida, which by the state of the weather in the rest of the country, I am very glad to be here!  I grew up in Pennsylvania, went to school in Colorado, lived and taught in Duchess County, New York, and then tried my hand at living abroad.  I’ve lived in Germany, Brazil, and Panama.  Guess I still have a few Viking genes floating around in my DNA.

Tell us about the book that’s just come out.

Bloodstock is a product of my Hungarian half.  My father was Hungarian and my mother Swedish.  It is about a woman who raises horses for the Hungarian Cavalry and paints miniatures on the side.  She is hired by Prince Szigismond Rackoszi to paint two miniatures as the first exchange for his offer of marriage to the daughter of his neighbor.  If you like cowboys (Hungarian Csikos), horses, and Transylvania hotties, you’re going to love Bloodstock.

What started you on your love of writing?

I can’t name an actual person, but majoring in history and having to research and write numerous papers set me on the road to writing.  Romance writing is SO much more fun than writing history.  You can fudge the facts in Romance.

AureliaDo you write in more than one genre, tell us a little about each one and the books you’re working on in each. 

Although I’m probably best known for my 4-book paranormal series, Clann Doone, I like to write Historical with a Paranormal twist.  You can find that aspect in Piper Paid, a time travel book set in 18th Century Scotland, and Candles on the Beach Parts 1 and II:  A Dress for Lemanja and Sleeping in the Arms of a Sea Goddess.  Both books are set in Colonial Brazil.  I’ve also done a M/M romance entitled, The Danegeld, which is about a very blonde, blue-eyed Dane who gets kidnapped by a sex ring operating in Alexandria, Virgina, and whose friend, ex-Special Forces now private investigator, Ross DeLassy, who will not accept leaving a friend behind.  I’m currently working with several Florida authors to publish an Erotica anthology.  My novella is entitled Basket Case and it features Gunner Nord who gets an unexpected paid massage and happy ending.  It was unexpected because the woman who paid for it had just dumped him.  But thanks to the talented fingers of the massage therapist, Sirena Socorro, it just might lead to a happy forever.

The DanegeldHave you attended any writing conference or classes. Tell us about some that and some that have been especially helpful.

I’ve attended one RWA Conference and I’ve taken a couple of on-line classes offered by RWA.  I really liked the one on 18th century medicine and the one on sailing ships.  Both were treasure troves of information on how things worked at that time.

Are  you a member of any writing groups?

I belonged to Heart of Carolina when I lived in North Carolina, and now I belong to Tampa Area Romance Authors.  Both groups have really helped me as a writer because their guest speakers have been valid sources of publication information and the do’s and don’ts of writing.  I also belong to the RWA Chapter of FFP (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal) and I have a critique group that meets monthly.

How attached do you get to your characters? Do you know what happens after the book ends? Candles on the Beach

I’m very attached to my characters.  To me, they are real people.  As far as what happens when the book ends, some of them refuse to let me leave.  That’s probably why my paranormal series has four books in it, and Auric is bugging me for another one. (As well as me, Cyn! D)

Describe your ‘perfect’ writing day.

Let me be frank here.  All writers are time travelers.  A perfect writing day is sitting down to the computer as soon as you drag yourself out of bed and then writing until the words stop flowing.  At this point you discover you are still in your pajamas, haven’t eaten breakfast, your bladder is sending out Mayday messages, and it’s now five o’clock in the evening.  No lie, this has happened to me too frequently to discount the time travel aspect.  Of course there is a price to be paid for time travel:  a sedentary life-style and intermittent insomnia from a brain that refuses to shut down until four or five o’clock the next morning.  Yes, writers willingly suffer for their art.

Could you tell us the one question you wish people would ask about your writing and don’t forget the answer.

Hmm, that’s a tough one. Perhaps it would be, “Do you find it easy or difficult to write?”  My answer would be it depends on the characters.  Some characters, like Auric Doone, are very easy to write because he has strong opinions about everything.  Nels Kirkegaard, in The Danegeld, was more difficult because he is a very private person.


Excerpt –

He was tricked into giving his word.  Now Prince Szigismond Emre Janos Rackoszi, Viceroy of Transylvania, found himself honor-bound by a dishonorable man’s maneuvering to marry a woman he had no interest in.

He was also bound by his promise to gather into the bosom of his family the mother of his intended who hated him.  The Baroness Szechenyi blamed him for her husband’s death and was making it her life’s mission to keep him from honoring the commitment he’d made.  A commitment he would willingly cast aside, except Rackoszis never went back on their word, no matter how great the personal discomfort.

The Baroness made it only too evident she found him repugnant.  No, she found him more than repugnant, she actually had nerve enough to call him a soulless abomination to his face.  The silly woman thought him a vampire, a revenant bent on making her daughter over in his image.  Once again family honor forbade him from telling the Baroness there really were such creatures, but he was not one of them.  He wasn’t soulless, he wasn’t undead, and he didn’t drain humans of their blood.  No, he was none of those things, he was a different kind of creature altogether.

Now he paced the corridors of his dark castle and cursed the ancient gods for their capriciousness.  The artist he hired to paint his and his intended’s miniatures, Baroness Beatrix Celine Baranyi, was a horse breeder and talented artist who preferred cowboy, Cziko, attire to proper riding habits.  And despite her unusual choice of dress, she was bringing light and laughter into his life for the first time in a century, and he couldn’t have her.  His word stood in the way.  He was damned if he broke it and damned if he kept it.  The only recourse left him was to pray.  If the ancient gods had even the smallest regard for him, they’d help him figure a way to possess Beatrix for what remained of his very long life.

Bio Cyn portrait

I am of Hungarian and Swedish descent, and, like my Hun and Viking ancestors, I have nomadic genes. Trust me, such nomadic wanderings can wreak havoc on your English. I actually thought my roaming days were done when I retired after twenty-four years of government service. I’ve just finished what I hope will be my last migration, this time to sunny Florida. At least this migration was swifter by Honda than by Hun horse or Viking longboat.

Before settling down to write full-time, I was a Special Operations (US Army and US Marines) military historian/archivist. I write paranormal/historical romance for Rebel Ink Press. I guess the concentration on Special Operations has left an indelible impression on my writing because my characters, both male and female, are distinctly Spec Ops in their outlook. They leave no man behind, color outside the lines, and are very, very lethal. My books: Aurelia, Auric, Clann Doone, and Hearts Asunder are from a series devoted to the original SEAL team, the one founded by Poseidon, Ruler of the Seven Seas to keep humans from polluting his realm by using it to transport drugs, guns and modern slaves.

Once a historian, always a historian, but now that I’m no longer gainfully employed as one, I enjoy giving history a paranormal twist. Candles on the Beach is a two part series. Part 1 is entitled A Dress for Lemanja. It is set in 19th century Brazil and the heroine, Edwina Webb is a 19th century woman with 21st century career goals. The hero, Captain Alexandre Joao Marshall is the master and owner of a clipper ship who finds himself bound to Edwina by legal contract and love. The exigencies of business, social mores and just plain hard-headedness will keep the two apart until the sea goddess Lemanja takes it upon herself to intervene. Part 2 is entitled: Sleeping in the Arms of a Sea Goddess. Lemanja is a very interesting deity. She is vain, beautiful, demanding and, if given enough incentive, will intervene to keep two headstrong people from ruining their lives.

Piper Paid is set in 17th century Scotland, the Isle of Sky to be specific. The heroine is a 21st century former Marine who finds gathering herbs for her new business can take unexpected turns when she harvests an unpaid debt from a fairy that sends her back in time to save a life of a Highland piper.

Bloodstock is an indirect tribute to my Hungarian roots. The heroine raises and trains horses for the Hungarian cavalry, but she is also well-known for painting miniatures. She’s been hired by a Transylvanian prince to paint two miniature for what will be a token exchange for a marriage proposal to the daughter of his neighbor. If you like cowboys (Hungarian Csikos), horses, and Transylvanian hotties, this book is for you.

One of the things about writing is, you can challenge yourself by attempting to write in other genres. I recently completed a novella entitled Basket Case. I really left my comfort zone here and tried my hand at Erotica. Basket Case will be part of a Florida Author’s Group anthology and is due out in April.

I am currently working on a paranormal romance involving a 21st century Special Operations medic who is killed while trying to treat a patient, and reawakens to find himself a newly licensed physician in the year 1804. The tentative title for this book is Golden Hours.

I would love to hear from you via Hadyn.

12 thoughts on “Meet Cyn Hadyn

  1. So nice to meet you Cyn! Your writing sound interesting and your life even more so. I’ve only recently become interested in paranormal and Donna has strongly suggested your books. I hope to be diving into them soon.

    • Thank you. As a matter of fact, Donna recommended your work to me. I accepted a challenge to write an Erotica novella, and since I had no earthly idea how to do so, I used one of your works as a standard. I learned a lot. Fascinating world out there!

    • Okay, here’s a BDSM question for you. Donna’s probably going to wring my neck, but here goes. Can an alpha male be a sub? Believe it or not, a few of my writer friends and I discussed that over lunch one day. Heaven help anyone listening in to that! I have an idea for a book involving that scenario and would like to know from anyone who might have BDSM knowledge if you can make an alpha male submit to another Dom.

      • I would say absolutely. There are many woman executives – strong powerful women to the world who are subs to one person. Why not a man in the same position.

        I don’t know about me being a standard, but ask Donna for my email if I can help in any way.

    • Jennifer: Did you ever have a character pop up in your imagination and have you think, where in the Sam hell did he/she come from? Just the other day that happened to me and he wants his story told, but he’s dark, very dark and I’m not sure I want to go there. Wooo, writers are strange at times.

  2. Jennifer: What would make the day even better is for the coffee in my mug never to grow cold while I finish a scene! Have you come up with a way to have that happen? I’m always open to suggestions. I hate taking a gulp of coffee only to be startled back to the here and now by cold, flat-tasting coffee. I like my coffee like I like my romance, hot and steamy!

  3. I’d like to introduce aliens to the discussion. Donna Steele is the only person I know who’d be thrilled to have one pop in and join her at the dinner table. Donna has a decidedly different view of life as we know it! For those of you who like extraterrestrials, you can read Donna’s Rth Rising. It’s even on sale for 99 cents this week!

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by – we’re still here but I might have the finale of X-Files in the background and not paying attention. Thanks so much for hanging with me today, Cyn!!

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