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As we approach a new year it seems appropriate to tell you about my upcoming Trilogy, The Lost Night. A Romantic Adventure set in Outer Space.

Book one, Black Night, is my very first completed manuscript. I wrote it six years ago. The response from my friends and family was so positive I followed it with book two, Castle of Doom. For the third in the series I decided to try something different and took the reader back in history with book three, The Beginnings. (This title is subject to change and I hope it does.)

Now, six years ago I knew nothing about editing or publishing. I just thought “I wrote a book, my friends love it, I’m going to be an author.” Then reality hit in the form of a rejection letter—lots of them. After years of trying to find a home for the Lost Night, I pushed it aside and wrote my first Romantic Suspense, Victim of Circumstances. In September 2011 Rebel Ink Press made my dream come true with a contract. I’m not ashamed to say I danced around my living room that day.

In September of 2012 I Rebel Ink Press accepted The Lost Night Trilogy to be released early 2013.

In between, Jenny hits the Jackpot was released in October 2012. And I do have another Contemporary Suspense hiding in the closet for 2013.

The Lost Night-Black/Night Coming 2013 from Rebel Ink Press.                                                                           

Unedited Blurb

Sienna James must face the harsh realities outside her sheltered world when she falls in love with the grandson of a rival planet’s evil ruler.

Attempting to break off the doomed relationship Sienna finds herself kidnapped and forced into a marriage designed to destroy her father’s empire.

Johnny Black risks his life in order to rescue his unrequited love, Sienna. In order to escape the duo must make a harrowing journey to the other side of their captive world. Events along the way have Sienna admitting, for her it was always Johnny, until a dark secret from his past is revealed, putting the couples love to the ultimate test as Sienna must decide if she can ever trust Johnny again.

 Unedited Excerpt

I gulped champagne when Johnny got up from his chair, pushing it aside before dropping down on one knee.

Every eye in the place watched in anticipation when he pulled out a red velvet box. The room was so quiet, I heard his slow exhale before he spoke, “Sienna James, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

The tears I’d expected refused to come. I was much too numb too cry. I stared at the most incredible ring I’d ever seen thinking, this time yesterday I was kissing Marc by the river and tonight my father was giving his consent and blessing for Johnny to marry me. At this moment I truly hated them all. Grabbing Johnny’s glass off the table, I downed the contents before meeting his eyes. “Why not.” I shrugged.

Victim of Circumstances and Jenny Hits the Jackpot are currently available as an e-book at  Amazon, Are (All Romance e-books) and Barnes &

Lori J Gordon lives in Northern California with her husband. When she’s not reading or writing she works as a Retail Supervisor.



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