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Good stories are everywhere. Life is a novel. When I begin to think about a new story, I start forming the plot close to home. Nardi Point started that way, and so does my next story, Paths through the Garden.

Nardi Point is a new subdivision under construction in Raleigh, North Carolina. Over the past ten years particularly, Raleigh has attracted many newcomers from colder climes seeking job opportunities and a new way of life. That is so with Laurinda Elliot, a savvy successful software Project Manager. She meets her partner Dan Riser, an uber software developer, in Raleigh and the two transplants work their new lives living the dream. But for Laurinda, it isn’t enough. A home and family whisper to her and she’s keen to answer the call. Dan, not so much.

New home construction abounds in Raleigh. To Laurinda it’s the first step to following her heart. North Raleigh, close to the Neuse River, has a history of ancient North Carolinians traveling the land following the seasons living off abundant wild game, and amazingly huge fish that migrated up the river from the sea. We know this because of the amazing artifacts frequently found in farmers’ fields or discovered during road construction projects. Pre-historic Native Americans lived in the Raleigh area some 10,000 years ago. Remember, the Egyptian pyramids are only 3,000 years old!

And Laurinda? She’s caught between the ancient past and her dream future. Not only must she resolve what to do when ancient artifacts are discovered on their home building site at Nardi Point, she must also come to grips with what she looks for in a relationship when confronted with a new love, a single father of adorable four-year-old, Annabel.

My passion for archaeology helped drive this story. As a volunteer at the State Archaeological Office, I prepared bags of ancient pot sherds (yes here they’re called sherds, not shards), cataloging them and being in awe handling them. I’d wonder what hands had created the pottery over 10,000 years ago. How? Why? And thus, the story my story was born.

If you write, I recommend taking a fresh perspective of your home and community and consider adding them to the plot. Things you may take for granted can be of great interest across a broader spectrum of readers. And the joy of discovering these things afresh fuels your story. Ahh, the writing life!

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3 thoughts on “Meet Nancy LaPonzia

  1. Wow! What a fascinating story, Nancy. I never thought of “ancient” Raleigh. Although, I’ve been to the Life and Science Museum more than once. Guess I need to take another trip now that I don’t have small children any more.

    Great plot line for a story. I’m definitely adding it to my TBR list.

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