Memorial Day Anthology

Memorial Day Anthology

Many Americans have forgotten the meaning of Memorial Day  but we feel it’s important to honor our fallen heroes. It’s a day to wear the red poppy handed out by the older veteran, a reminder that brave men and woman forfeited their lives to keep our homeland safe.

We’ve lost the meaning of the true reason this day was set aside for; to morn and honor those who died serving a nation during a war, whether on foreign soil or right here at home. The people we remember were mothers and fathers. They were sisters and brothers. They were beloved wives and husbands. Sadly, they were the strongest and bravest of our children.

We’ve chosen to honor them with stories of bravery, love, sacrifice and in some cases, just the human need to honor our dead and move forward with life and love again. When we think of the men and women who serve us every day, we should shudder with humility, for they are truly a rare breed.

From the Revolution through the World Wars and to modern day Afghanistan and Iraq, we want to thank our men and women in uniform. Here at home we tip our hats to our fire, police, rescue, guards and all of the men and women who help ensure our safety right near our own front door. Our talented authors have created these stories to honor these brave Americans.

As poet Moina Michael wrote in 1915, “That blood of heroes never dies.”  We hope our contributing authors and their stories help accomplished just that.

On May 28, 2012, set aside a moment to think of those brave fallen. Celebrate life and diversity of the tasks of those who serve us and say a thank you to the heavens.

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