Release Day!

Those words never get old… The Melting, Book 3 – Cohesion is now available through Amazon and AllRomance.  Here’s a little snippet for your enjoyment…

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Cohesion –

David corralled Sid as he entered the big house that evening. “We haven’t had a decent talk since you got here. You doing okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

That stopped David in his tracks. “Grab your dinner. Let’s go to your place to eat.”

Trapped, that’s what Sid did, cursing himself for getting into this position. He let David in his house and motioned toward the table. David took a seat and waited until Sid was beside him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, really.”

“Uh, do you remember the term bullshit?”

“I have all my memories back, thank you.” The amnesia left by his bout with the virus had been too recent. Yes, it had happened to everyone who had recovered but Sid didn’t like to remember the helplessness of being at the mercy of the cattle baron who had taken him in as he recovered.

“Then what’s wrong?”


David waited, taking a drink of the cool tea they had brought.

“It’s nothing.”

“Is the house okay? We didn’t let something slide did we?”

“No. Everything’s great, and I’m very glad to be here.”

“Flashbacks to the ranch?” David asked.

“Nothing like that.”

“I hope you realize I’m not leaving until I find out what’s wrong.”

Sid glared up at him for an instant, then sank back in the chair. “How old is Rachel?”

That question caught David off guard, and he stared at his former pupil for a moment. “Eighteen, why?”

Sid’s eyes widened. “Eighteen?”

“Yeah, she had a birthday in January. Why?”

“I thought she was no more than sixteen.”

“She has a young face but . . . she’s not jail bait.” He said carefully and was rewarded with the color that flushed the blonde man’s face. “Shit, you’re attracted to her.”

“I . . . damn it,” Sid closed his eyes. “She was in my head. She’s the one that warned me about Samson. I guess I built up some sort of fantasy about her, and then I saw her.”

“And thought she was a kid.”

“Yeah. Wouldn’t you?”

“Well, chronologically she is young, but not experience-wise. I don’t mean that,” he said as Sid’s head came up. “She’s never lived in a loving home. She was in the foster system as far back as she can remember, and that life wasn’t a bed of roses. She’s wary of people and can be quite prickly at times. Ask Amanda.”

“You don’t think I’m some sort of pedophile?”

At that David chuckled. “No, a masochist maybe. She is an eighteen-year-old girl and those can be very dangerous creatures. And she doesn’t trust easily. She’s had no reason to. I think I understand her mood lately now.”

“Her mood?”

“Parallel to yours now that I think about it. You’ve not been avoiding me. You’ve been avoiding her. Nice hit to my ego.”

Sid finally smiled. “Sorry about that. The whole thing threw me. I didn’t want to have thoughts like that about a sixteen year old.”

“TMI bro,” David said. “Eat your dinner and then we’ll see.”

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