Another Time – Release Day!



Congratulations to Nina H on winning the sweepstakes!

Always an exciting day but this one is especially special because Another Time is my first book with Soul Mate Publishing. I’ve read so many of the authors there and to be one of them causes tingles! I hope this is the first of many collaborations with Soul Mate. Please check out Book 1 in the Guardians of Now Series – Another Time

There is no time travel. Dr. Dustin Williams is a physicist and works with NASA and other companies. If time travel worked, he would know.

Dr. Deanna Stevens is a trauma specialist who never gave credence to science fiction such as time travel or flux capacitors.

But when they are drawn to one another by an unknown force and have to face the reality that they’re in this alone, they have to rethink their strongly held beliefs, and rely on each other in ways neither could imagine.

Excerpt – 

The atmosphere in the bar was nearly as dark as Dusty Williams’ mood.

Hunched over the Scotch in front of him, he peered at his hazy reflection in the shiny wood counter. In the midst of wondering if he had time to change jobs before tomorrow, he gave the bar a onceover. Dark wood, some touches of chrome, the place could at most be called ‘trendy.’

A first-timer to the bar, Dusty’d come here tonight for a self-pity drink or two. Wouldn’t do to be hungover—in addition to his already abrasive personality—for tomorrow’s presentation. He was surprised to find he’d zeroed in on the place tonight like a long-sought destination, bypassing places more familiar to him. Maybe he’d wanted the anonymity more than he realized.

One other patron dignified the place, a redhead at the far end of the bar. She appeared about as happy as he was to be here. What the hell, Im in the mood to get my face .

At least no one would be able to give him grief about a failed attempt.

“A drink for the redhead.” He turned away from watching her to speak to the bartender.

“I don’t think she wants a drink, but I’m happy to sell it to you,” the young smartass replied.

The kid was probably right. Dusty longed to ditch the suit, trash the briefcase, and get the hell out of Dodge. Unfortunately, none of that was an option. Tomorrow he had to get on a plane with his boss as babysitter and head west.

Rather than contemplate a pending disaster he needed a distraction, anything to keep his mind off the upcoming meeting.

Having a watchdog bugged Dusty though it was probably necessary keep him from ruining the deal. He was better at research than meeting with talking heads; he admitted to the lack within himself. So why did they continue to trot him out for this kind of thing? His social skills sucked, therefore he should stay in the damn lab.

His ideas sold. If the idiots couldn’t follow his designs, then maybe they weren’t capable of using the product.

The redhead demurred from the drink, giving Dusty the excuse to move in her direction. He knew women looked at him, though he wasn’t sure why. The inner package didn’t match the outer, fortunately they wouldn’t know until later, right?

“Thank you,” she began before he could speak, “but—”

“Your day looks as lousy as mine. I thought we could commiserate.” He was close enough now to take the seat beside her. Dusty stopped and glanced around. There was a vibration, an electrical hum of some kind, and the buzz was getting stronger. She seemed to notice the disturbance too yet the smartass bartender hadn’t reacted.

After a tiny hesitation he took the seat beside her.

“Do you feel that?” she asked as he settled beside her.

“Yeah, but I don’t know . . .” His hand brushed hers on the bar. Accidental, because he didn’t grab women, though more than one had grabbed his ass in places like this.

There was no actual spark though they both obviously felt the slight jolt. For the first time his eyes met hers, a pretty soft blue. She seemed as startled as he felt.

“What the hell?” Dusty blurted. She hastily withdrew her hand from the bar. “Sorry.”


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