RWA 2013 – part 1

Okay, major fan girl conference for me.  Started off with a bang – I got to meet Heather Graham at the literacy signingHeather Gram & Me and she personally autographed a copy of The Night is Watching. Got my picture made with her and got to visit just a little. Also saw Char Chaffin, author of Unsafe Haven – you’ll see that picture too. The signing was a mad house as usual, but so cool.   Char & me



After I got out, went to dinner with Elena Dillon, author of Breathe and Cyn Haydn, author of the Aurelia Series. We’re visiting, catching up, talking writing and I glance over at the next table.  Who’s there – Nora. Now I did do a double-take, but did not embarrass myself horribly, did not jump up to ask for an autograph, did not sneak a picture, but she was close enough to touch. And it just kept getting better.  Nora Roberts


Attended the FF&P dinner and Prism Awards ceremony in costume. Don’t know if there’s a picture of that, which is probably good. Oops, found one. Probably the best meal I ate the entire conference and got to share the table with Nancy Lee Badger, author of The Highland Games Through Time series, J.C. Hay author of Sails & Sorcery: Tales of Nautical Fantasy,Book of All Flesh, Dark Faith,  as well as Christie Meierz  who won the Prism for FuturisticFF&P partiersme at FF&P.

Many thanks to Nancy Lee Badger for the pictures!  More on Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “RWA 2013 – part 1

  1. Great pics! Looks as though you had a marvelous time. I’m so jealous! Going to a big conference is on my bucket list…I just hope I’m not ready to kick the bucket when I finally get to go. Lol!

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