Strong Women

“The girls” were here the other weekend. That’s my roommates from college. Hard to believe how long we’ve been together, but I can’t imagine my life without them. It’s amazing and wonderful how we can get together (that’s in person and not just email) and pick up the conversation as though we’d talked the day before. It helps a lot that we don’t ever have to go into the backstory. We lived it together.

There are five of us – so different in appearance and passions and beliefs. A redhead, a brunette and a few blondes, probably all helped by chemicals now but who cares. I met them at such a pivotal time in my life. Leaving home for the first time for all of us, we banded together and grew each other up.

We dated together, got married together (all intertwined in each other’s weddings), had babies together and those kids grew up thinking of each other as cousins. I remember my son asking if the kids coming over were friend cousins or cousin cousins, and being happy with either one. The kids are still in touch even without us. One of my favorite pictures of Hubby is him in a hammock completely covered with one-year olds from one of our gatherings. All those kids got a copy of that picture in their high school graduation album. Now the kids are getting married and we’re losing our parents together. But to replace that loss some of us are becoming grandparents ourselves – a much easier thing to contemplate now than when we met.

Is it any wonder with these incredible examples that I write strong, independent, sometimes kick-ass women who might not like what they have to do, but can handle it. Hell, they can handle anything, and rustle up lunch while doing it.

If you haven’t read Rth Rising, give it a try. You’ll see what I mean.  And Learning Trust will be out June 17.

Thanks, Guys!

22 thoughts on “Strong Women

  1. Yes, we were such naive young things when we met. Most of our growing stronger and wiser came without choice, just what life throws at you. Good thing we have each other. Even my husband says that the “Girls” come first since I’ve known (and loved) them longer than him!

  2. Donna, you have always had a way with words. You have kept us entertained, sometimes blushing, often laughing, but always informed for more years than I want to admit. The “Girls” wouldn’t be who we are without YOU. Luv ya!

  3. Donna, you are amazing!! I could feel everything that you shared! The smile in your words and the pride in the enduring friendships is real for all of us!
    THANK YOU!!Love to you, my sister and sisters!

  4. Donna, I believe you have a way with words and can tell how these women are you and you are them. True friends are great and Betty got it right in her comment. Friends ARE the family we get to choose.
    And I am so glad to see a date for Learning Trust. You go WOMAN!!

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