Summer Lovin’

Okay, now the song from Grease is stuck in my head. It’ll be there for days. I would so love to have summers off again. Since I don’t teach (and never would) that’s not an option, but to sleep late, no classes or homework I remember as sheer heaven.

What do I love to do in the summer? At least one week needs to be spent at the beach. I can’t be in the sun, but I can sit under an umbrella with that breeze and a cold drink and a book or three and just completely go away. Then when the sun gets to where the umbrella isn’t enough, go back inside to the balcony with my laptop and let the ideas flow. Now that is paradise.  2012-06-16 12.31.58

And now those stories I wanted to read and couldn’t find — I can just write myself. Isn’t that a kick? This past June I read a Regency romance, a paranormal romance and a cowboy romance while under the influence of ocean breeze (and maybe a little tequila). Hey, it’s vacation! There were no phones ringing, no fires to put out at the office, no curve balls being thrown at me by our regulators, nothing. I could sit back, relax and enjoy myself.

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There’s lots of us playing in this hop – stop by and see us all!

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Winfield H Strock III    JL Oiler        Alex Jones

Cassandre Dayne         DH Black      Al Lohn

Jennifer Wilck


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  1. Hopping by, Donna! Happy Birthday to Rebel! Pass me a piece of that wonderful rich, five-tier chocolate birthday cake (virtual) please! 🙂 Yum! Chocolate Birthday Cake and stories!!!!!

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