Ocean IsleHow can it already be June? I was going to finish up at least two of the books in my “under construction” file by now. (I did finish one of them!) I was going to lose twenty pounds before the beach. I was . . . well, you get the idea. (I have lost seven!)

I’m beginning to believe it’s the theory of relativity. I older I am, the faster time passes. Remember when Christmas took decades to come around again? Now I barely get all the bills paid before it’s that time again.

I admit summer isn’t my favorite season. I’m not one who enjoys heat–it exacerbates my EB which makes me even less able to exercise and get outside. And of course I can never wear little enough to keep cool in the office. When we go to the beach, I’m up and out by 8 a.m. and back inside for the day by 11:30, and that’s with 50 SPF sunscreen. (My uncle was a lifer in the Navy and was never able to go bare chested on deck, so I get it honest.)

Linville Falls - 150
But it doesn’t keep us away from the beach. I do love the breeze, the sound of the surf and the getting to sleep late–yes for me 8 is very late! I can laze around, watch movies late at night and of course cuddle up with the laptop while everyone else is out getting burnt and write in peace!

What big plans do you have now that it’s summer and “school’s out” as it were? The beach, the “shore”, the mountains. What rings your chimes for time off to relax?coney island



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