Yes, I’m having a wonderful birthday. Hubby made me an incredible lemon blueberry cake I found on-line. He does a much better job than I do on the Italian cream cake I make him on his birthday. The kids called and had a little celebration at work too, so I’ve been well celebrated.   happy birthday

So now I celebrate with you.  The winner of the first bag of books is Denise S – be sure and contact me so I can get a mailing address. bagobooks You still have time to enter, ‘cause I have two more bags to give away. Leave a comment here, or at the It’s April! post and enter of the Rafflecopter. I’ll be enjoying myself all month (and Hubby is delighted that I’m cleaning out the office a little, so you’re making him happy too.)

And a Happy Birthday to my twinsy – Lilly Gayle

And here’s Hubby’s cake for me!

birthday cake 2birthday cake 4  birthday cake 5


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    • You’re kind of entered now, but go over to It’s April! and check out the Rafflecopter in the middle of the post too! Thanks!

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