The Aging of Disney

First let me say, I love Disney World. I’ve been a dozen times and want to go again. That said… the cracks are beginning to show. At first it was subtle, the automatic toilets didn’t flush automatically, the week before we arrived, a boat on the Jungle Cruise sank. On the Haunted Mansion there was a stoppage as we were getting on and another just before we got off. After we left, it stopped big time with people hanging from the carts. There was a twenty minute stop on Splash Mountain. One of the rides we really looked forward to, was the 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride. It was down off and on all day, up for 10 minutes, down for 90. We never got to ride it. After a long day we headed back to the Polynesian, to find that the monorail was down. We had to take a boat to the transportation center and walk to the hotel.


The next morning we headed for Epcot to find that the monorail for that park didn’t open until 9. One of the reasons for staying on the property was that, in the past, you got to enter the parks an hour early. That’s now gone. There are certain days you can get in early to certain parks. We weren’t there any of those days. Anyway, we had to ride the bus to Epcot. Had a good day there, and all the rides were working.

Did the Cinderella dinner at the Floridian that night and the grandson really took a shine to the lady in the blue dress – Cinderella. The other ladies weren’t as pretty.


The third morning we headed for Disney Hollywood Studios (the old MGM park). To get there we wanted to go to Epcot and ride the sky tram to Hollywood. We waited until the monorail was supposed to start but it was down for maintenance. Now I’m all for maintenance, but it had just been down for 8 hours while the park was closed so it was either really bad maintenance or they missed a heck of an opportunity. So we took the bus to Epcot, walked to the sky tram and rode over. That was a lovely ride. The Star Wars Experience was filled for the day prior to us finishing breakfast (the park wasn’t open yet) so that was out, but I have to say their Star Wars area far surpassed my expectations. I did get to pilot the Millennium Falcon and wander through Tatooine. The Toy Story area is also outstanding. The visuals are incredible, and everything worked (even the toilets).




After three days we were beat, so we headed back a little earlier, thinking we’d rest some before dinner. But when we arrived from Epcot to the transportation center we were told that the monorail was down “indefinitely”. So again, we walked to the Polynesian Resort. (There was a non-mechanical reason for this but still…). We had reservations for dinner at the Floridian and were told we could take a boat, but they weren’t prepared to handle the crowds that would normally ride the monorail, so there weren’t enough boats and when we tried to get one, none came. So we walked to the Floridian. That was the best meal of the trip – highest recs. There was a boat coming back thank the goddess.

All in all we had a lovely trip and like I said, we’ll go back. But maybe since all the other Disney’s around the world are down right now for COVID 19, maybe they should take this opportunity to do the same and spend the time refurbishing the mechanics of some of these older rides. Splash Mountain is 30 years old, The Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise even older. Yes, they’d lose some money. Maybe a million dollars a day on food alone ($14 for a very very weak margarita) but it would really enhance the experience.

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