The Diamond Legacy

The Diamond Legacy

Please welcome Joanne Berroa! Her new release The Diamond Legacy will be released March 10 –

My new release: The Diamond Legacy is the sequel to my popular: The Diamond Cross, but can also be enjoyed as a stand alone romance. It’s near and dear to my heart, so let me tell you a little bit about it.


The year 1907 finds Heather and Brenton Emery celebrating seven years of blissful marriage. They are anything but the average couple. The son of Hungarian immigrants, Brenton owns and manages a thriving, top-notch Saratoga Springs hotel and vaudeville pavilion with his partner-wife Heather. She’s an entrepreneur in her own right. Blessed with a keen business sense, she’s made millions of dollars in her undertakings.

But they soon learn even the best marriages have problems, and their commitment to each other is sorely tested. A charismatic billionaire makes Heather an offer she simply can’t refuse. Given the opportunity to spread her wings thousands of miles away from home, she must choose between marriage and her career. Her choice stuns Brenton. Will the handsome and brilliant San Francisco architect Heather joins forces with succeed in rendering the coup de grace on Heather’s now tenuous marriage?

To further complicate matters, Brenton’s secretary is astute and alluring. Heather’s plans fit her agenda nicely. Brenton is faced with the question: How far can a business friendship stretch before it is no longer just friendship?

The Diamond Legacy is a romance saga packed with bold, colorful characters and surprising twists that will tear at your heartstrings. Can Brenton’s and Heather’s love for each other rise above all odds and endure, or is love sometimes not enough?


“Care to comment on this.” He held the papers up for her to see.

“Can’t you read? I’m suing you for divorce.”

“You couldn’t tell me yourself. You had to get your lawyer to do it. You’re a cheat and a coward. I thought I knew you, but I was wrong. You’re an evil woman. You’re so devious, you probably even caused John’s heart attack. Did you slip a packet of strychnine into his coffee, little black widow spider!”

She slapped him hard. “I hate you! You’re pathetic. Your dick is smaller than my little finger.”

“Is it? How would you know, my pretty? You haven’t seen it in a damned year!”

“I’m sure you’ve been showing it off to lots of other women.”

“You should talk. You’ve been sleeping around with that architect and who knows whom else? Which of your lovers lives here with you, bitch?”

Her eyes shown puzzlement. “What are you talking about?” she snarled.

“The men’s clothing in your bedroom! Are you going to deny it?”

Her eyes widened and she relaxed a bit. “No, I’m not. I happen to love that man.”

“So you admit it! You’re having an affair!” Brenton clenched his teeth together. “So he’s the real reason you’re divorcing me. If not him, then it’s the architect. I swear, bitch, I can’t keep your lovers straight.”

“You’re a pigheaded ass, Brenton Emery. For your information, the man who’s staying with me is my father.”


You can purchase The Diamond Legacy (and my other romances) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance ebooks.


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