The Melting is Back!

The third and final volume of The Melting Series is now available. The Cohesion is back today with a new cover and re-edited with new content.  

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Here’s an excerpt-

Rachel Gerhart lay in her bed. Morning was still distant and she’d regret lying here awake when dawn arrived, but she couldn’t sleep.

They were coming—she could feel them. They had left the camp in Tennessee. Sidwas coming. No one knew how long the trip from Tennessee would take or how the roads had held up during the winter, but they were on their way.

She’d never admitted she was having the dreams. David and Tim talked about the ability so matter-of-factly, like what they were feeling was normal or something. How could something like this be normal? How could she see into anyone else’s dreams? But she did.

Amanda thought the ability was a leftover from the virus that had killed everyone after the glaciers in Alaska had melted. She thought Rachel’s brain chemistry had been altered when she was merely a child by a form of the virus that had killed her parents. If she was right and Rachel had always done this, which would explain a lot of her problems in the myriad foster homes she’d survived. She had known what people were thinking sometimes, how they felt. She’d been too young and stupid to hide what she was doing at first, but she’d finally caught on. No wonder her foster parents had been uneasy around her. This dream thing was new though.

Keeping away from people had always helped. Being alone was better than being with most of the people she’d known. But she’d been able to sense when people wanted to harm her from the beginning and that had been a good thing. A foster father who wanted more, foster mothers who only wanted the money. Oh, there were decent ones too, but she’d been shifted around too much to rely on them. She’d made herself as invisible as possible at school. Rachel had worked hard at that.

Maintaining a solid B had kept her under everyone’s radar. If she had occasionally dipped into someone else’s thoughts on some exams, it was never to get an outstanding grade. She understood the question better after those little dips anyway. The students were better teachers than the teachers in a lot of cases.

Staying invisible had been harder as she’d grown and her body had changed. She’d tried to wear clothes that did not enhance things, but there wasn’t money for new wardrobes and things got tight. And people noticed redheads. She stayed as plain as she could. At least she had been able to know for certain that the jocks and popular kids hadn’t really cared about her as a person and not fallen for their shit. No, alone had always been better.

So why were visits to Sid’s dreams so important to her?

The whole series is back – if you liked Nora Roberts’ Year One– check this out!


Hope you enjoy!!

15 thoughts on “The Melting is Back!

  1. being irish italian had many cousins growing up plus 8 brothers.its hard now as i moved out of state,but they all come to visit me in colorado when they can.fact a few of my cousins are coming here from grass valley california to see me.

  2. I just re-connected with most of my cousins this year – and I had forgotten what a FUN bunch they are! Our reunion in May might be the last one for my mother and her last living brother, so this one was extra special. You can choose your friends, not your family, but you can choose to make friends of your family!

    • The Cohesion is Book 3 of the 3 part series. I highly recommend that you read Book 1 – The Infection, and Book 2 – The Progression before Book 3. That way you get to know the whole story, and get introduced to all of Donna’a great characters! Then you’ll be hooked like the rest of us, and want to read all her books!

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