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Recently the talented and delightful Claudia Dain (The Courtesan Chronicles and Medieval Knights Series) spoke at my local RWA meeting on the importance of theme to an author.  She pointed out that authors tend to stick to the same theme throughout their writing careers. You could see everyone thinking what theirs was as the meeting progressed. Dickens’ theme was injustice, Hemingway’s was futility.

Mine appears to be female empowerment. Now I in no way have a basis of comparison with these authors, but mine are a lot less gloomy.

Char Chaffin (Promises to Keep and coming soon – Unsafe Haven) an incredible writer and dear friend, recently wrote that her heroes come to her fully fleshed out and waiting for her to get them down on paper. I’m just the opposite – like Minerva, my heroines spring full grown and in full armor from my head and demand I keep up. While my heroes are strong and brave, inevitably my heroines have to pull their chestnuts from the fire and save the day. I like that in a woman.

It does explain the number of stories I’ve begun that fade for me – I haven’t listened to my heroines closely enough in those stories.  Thanks to Claudia I’ll be paying more attention.


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  1. I am a real fan of your’s, and enjoy all that you have written, including the sad story of your son. My heart goes out to you for to you for all the suffering that you went thru. Hopefully your story will help someone else!!

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