Universe – 1, Me – 0

Okay, it’s a new year, time to make and try to keep all those resolutions. And I really was doing quite well. Honest!

I asked for a Wii for Christmas from my kids because I need to get up and move more and I might as well enjoy it, right? I’m not good at exercise. I freely admit it. The choice of grabbing up a new book (I have plenty to choose from), writing that scene that came to me, or watching a little Criminal Minds always comes before exercising. I know this, hence the request. At least I can look at something while I’m moving.

For 19 days I did really well. The EB acted up a little after a few days, but not drastically and after two days off, I started up again. Face it, it’s a 2-inch step, even I can handle that.

Nope, I was wrong. While doing the basic step exercise – low impact aerobics – I stepped wrong to the left. It didn’t hurt, then, and I kept on. The next morning I knew I’d done something to my left foot, maybe turned it a little but I could walk. But it got worse. And it hurt. In fact, I finally went for an x-ray. It’s not broken, but bruised. No explanation on how I managed to do that on a 2-inch step.

On the bright side, I’ve got 47 pages on a new story and I got handicapped parking for two weeks at work. Sigh….

2 thoughts on “Universe – 1, Me – 0

  1. Sounds like me. I was doing push-ups and got sassy because i’d done 10 boy push-ups in a row and wanted to go for 15. Big mistake. My shoulder has stopped hurting constantly, but I still get sore if I hold it a certain way too long. Ah, age but it beats the alternative. Just be careful when you start your Wii again. 🙂

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