We Need to Celebrate

Doing a litte giveaway for Christmas – just leave a comment below for a chance at a $10 Amazon card or a copy of Christmas Cookies!

I hope some traditions can continue for you this year. If you’ve been wracking your brain on what to get me this year, I’d love a review. Pick your favorite of my books and do a short one (I think Amazon wants 9 words – LOL!!)

We’ve already started decorating. We’re getting a live tree this year. Wanted the scent of Christmas to permeate the place to dispell whatever’s left of 2020. My Santa collection will be front and center this year – they always raise my spirit and I can remember when I got them which adds to the fun.



A New Secret – Book 6 in The Conall Clan will be coming out in January. A previously unknown relative joins the clan and has to earn his place. Cover reveal soon!! Sign up for my newsletter for more info.

There’s still time to read some great Christmas stuff out there – and add them to that new eReader from Santa!


And mine are available as well


Hope it’s a jolly holiday for you even if different this year. Indulge yourself a little and I’ll see you in 2021!

32 thoughts on “We Need to Celebrate

  1. It’s great to see your festive decorations. I like the Christmas spirit. Really looking forward to having some neat holiday themed foods this season.

  2. I enjoyed reading Christmas cookies. This year has been difficult for me to get into the Christmas season. I think I’ll read your Holiday in Maine neck always this I the NE has some picturesque images for the holidays. I’m from the SW and sometimes I would love to see snow.

    • I’m mid-Atlantic and I miss snow as well. When I was a kid we could count on having it 2-3 times a year minimum (I still remember the winter of Wednesday snows) but now we only get ice storms. I miss it too.

  3. I love Christmas and your displays. During the holidays I enjoy baking and making the house smell sooo good. Hope you have an awesome Christmas and New Year!

    • Thank you! Since I don’t bake (or really cook!) Christmas Cookies really did take a lot of research – I made the melting snowmen for the one small party I had this year. You’re right, makes the kitchen smell so good!

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