Wonderful Writing Day

Yes, I got to spend yesterday with Margie Lawson. Okay, there were a couple of other people there – actually I attended her workshop with Carolina Romance Writers in Charlotte. 

I love these one-day conferences – 1) I can afford them and 2) the energy/inspiration just crackles through the room with all of these creative people in the same place. We write all kinds of different genres, but the energy and the excitement are the same. And it’s contagious.

I got to meet new authors and interact with them. Didn’t get to spend enough time with them, but it was a jam-packed day. Good thing I learned shorthand eons ago. My notes litter the handouts with thoughts on where to add this, change that, and revamp the other.

And I got a totally new idea for a book that had to be scribbled down in my spare moments. I do take some on-line courses and have learned much from them every time, but when you get the chance to sit in the same room, I highly recommend it. Absorbing that energy and listening to the give and take ramp it up another notch or five.

Thanks to the Carolina Romance Writers for putting this together and to my mentor and friend Mary Margret Daughtridge for saying, “let’s go!”  Anytime I can spend a few hours in the car with her makes it a good writing day.

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