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Welcome Romance Readers!I’m excited to be participating in a fun blog hop with some of my author peeps where I answer questions about the writing process.Laura Simcox passed the blog my way. (that’s her signing books at RT14!) Laura is a member of RWA, Heart of Carolina Chapter with me, AND we’re critique partners. She’s the Pollyanna to my Renegade. All that means is she always has something nice to say, and uh…I don’t. Anyway, Laura writes funny, laugh out loud romance. Check her out at: www.laurasimcox.com OR click on her cute picture on the left. Her latest book is Various States of Undress; Carolina with Avon. And it’s a good one!


Now, for those questions…hmmm, let me think.
What am I currently working on?
I’m currently writing the third book in the Harmony Homecomings series (Sourcebooks Casablanca.)
The first one, Find My Way Home releases July 1st! *giddy with happiness* After reading about Bertie and Keith’s funny adventure and attraction, Not So New in Town will follow and release in February 2015. Lucy and Brogan are both coming home with no intentions of staying. And finally, there’s Vance and Katie’s story and things get complicated and heated as Vance tries to finish his third bestseller and Katie messes with his creative muse. Oh yeah. It’s hard to write when you’re so distracted…right?How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I write for entertainment purposes only, so, my writing has to contain lots of humor. If I’m not laughing while I’m writing, then you won’t when you read it. My heroine and hero are witty and sharp (and yet they can’t see past their noses sometime…they always need my help). They’re relate-able and coupled with their quick wit, deep down, they have really big hearts.Why do I write what I do?
Again, it’s all about entertainment for me. When I read romance, I want to be entertained and have a good laugh. The real world is always waiting when I finish, so it’s nice to escape (if only for  a little while) and live out a fantasy or two. I try and write for the same reasons. I mean, come on, show of hands…how many of us wish we were that girl with that guy? Don’t leave me hanging… I know you feel the same way. ;-))

How does my writing process work?
Um, not well. I’m a complete disaster. I try something different every time I sit down to write a new book. I’m always looking for the perfect process, the best organizational techniques. And I never stick to whatever it is I think I’ve discovered. I’m the anti-smart writer. My files are not in logical order on my computer where I can easily pull them up. 

For me, writing is a messy, messy job. I’m very visual and tactile with lots of papers and files scattered all over, under and around my desk, spilling out into the hall from my office. I’m obsessed with notepads and notebooks and I’m an OCD list-maker. So, I jot lots of thoughts down only to immediately forget where I wrote them. I”m telling you, it’s not pretty.

In a nutshell, I write what I call: Plot to Finish, a very short, not very detailed synopsis (about 2 pages long) on what my story is about. I fill out notebooks or notecards on my characters physical attributes as well as their internal conflicts, likes, dislikes, fears, etc. This also includes important secondary characters. 

Once I’ve established who everyone is and what roles they play (for now), I’ll look up pictures online to get a visual of their town, city, home, school, workplace, kitchen, bedroom…you get the idea. Remember, I’m very visual. Then, guess what? I dive right in. Told you…not the best process. After I’ve written a few chapters, things start to change and my characters start arguing with me and sometimes they misbehave. At this point, I throw up my hands and walk away…could be for days. 

Eventually, I come back and start over with my Plot to Finish process, except this time around, I’ll use dry erase boards. I have 3 near my desk at all times. I like them because it’s easy to erase and move my lists around. (and I like the way the markers squeak). And I also keep a calendar on my desk where I plot each scene/action, so I can keep my timeline straight. Others use calendars on their computers. Not me. Mine is really cute and pink and has these neat columns for my lists. It’s awesome. I take great pleasure in buying a new one each year. 

That’s my scary process and I’m sure if other writers read this they will shake their heads and probably pity me. It’s okay.

Now, I’m gonna let you hop on over to the next author…

The Infection: Book one of the Melting series
Donna writes science fiction, paranormal romances and small town romances often with an eco-twist. She writes about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love.

As an empty nester with her beloved best friend and husband (who actually encourages her mad passion) She writes all the time – whether or not she has a pen or keyboard handy.
You can visit Donna at: www.steelestories.com OR click on her cute picture!

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