Excerpt from Rth Rising

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While Rth Rising is on sale for $.99 (through October 5) thought I’d share this excerpt with you . . . Rth Rising final by RS 103115 copy


Excerpt from Rth Rising – 

Head turned as Kat entered and watched her admire the trophy. He assessed her silently. She was strong, fairly tall for a woman here on New Home, nearly 1.75 meters. Her pedigree was of the finest; third generation here, with strong genes from Rth. She wore her blonde hair long, pulled back in a braid, perfectly regulation. Her green eyes were steady and calm. She exuded strength and confidence.

He’d watched her since before she came under his supervision, helped her when her da was killed so suddenly. She didn’t socialize with many enforcers. He found that he approved of that. Some enforcers needed that interaction to function at their best. That wasn’t true of her. She spent more time with her family and her oldest friends and she was the better for it.

He motioned for her to move to his desk. She was agile, moving like the animal of her name and was probably the best enforcer he supervised. Kat used her abilities to see beyond the job into aspects that most enforcers either didn’t realize were important or discounted. It made her superior and kept her in Head’s sights. Besides, he liked the woman, respected her. She stood in front of his desk, her back straight, her hands clasped behind her. The uniform fit her perfectly, high-waist pants in light gray with a light blue stripe up the legs that matched the sweater. The short jacket partially covered the utility belt she wore, which held her packet containing her discs, ID and backup weapon. Her primary weapon was inside the jacket under her left arm where she could take hold of it easily. The small light blue stripes at her shoulders reminded him of epaulets from older uniforms in pictures he had seen from Rth.

She was one of the reasons they had colonized here; her and others like her—intelligent, healthy, someone to carry on the human race with dignity.

But not her.

He knew that Puter had determined she wasn’t to breed. That seemed to be happening more and more with each class as they were assigned their training. Puter decided the optimum population and apparently they had reached it. Only replacements were needed. People normally lived to be around seventy here, their health, their genes superior. Not as long as on Rth, but the gravity here was slightly higher. At least that was what he’d been taught in school. Head was in no position to contradict it. Puter, theoretically, had more information than he did. Puter ran things; that was the way everyone wanted it.

It wasn’t his place to question why genes that had been so superior on Rth were so watered down after such a short period that they were destined to be lost from the planet.

Head looked her up and down, then nodded to himself. This was the right decision. “I’m lending you to Thirdport.”


Don’t forget, the story continues in Rth Claimed – Rth Claimed by RS 011416

Meet Rose Lange


Rose, tell us about yourself.

My name is Rose Lange, and I write spicy, contemporary romance. I currently have two books published with Soulmate Publishing, and am working on revisions for a third. I have too many to count in the pipelines, just waiting to be written!

Tell us about the book that’s just come out.  OnAGamble400

On A Gamble is my second book, and it grew from one line I’ve had saved for over fourteen years, “You’re a woman.” I thought it was a wonderful opening line, and knew I would use it someday. The story somehow found me, and after my first came out, I brainstormed an idea centered around that one line. I began thinking about it, and knew I had to give my heroine a male name. I had such fun writing this story, and fooling my hero because Charlie turns out to be a female. An idea for a story was born. You just never know where a story idea may come from, and that’s half the fun! I’ve had stories grow from songs, bits of dialogue or conversation I hear. Anyplace. And I never know where it will happen.

What started your love of writing.

I’ve always been an avid reader since I was young, and it continued up to this point. I still devour books every chance I get. My love of writing began when I was fourteen, and I’d just finished reading my first romance novel. I thought to myself, I could do that. So, with a notebook, a pen, and an idea, I began. I still have those first attempts, and awful as they are, I’m happy I at least attempted. It’s stuck with me ever since. I’m a word addict for life now and can’t see myself ever quitting.  Gracie's-Plan-Final-(med)-copy

Do you write in more than one genre-tell us a little about each one and the books you’re working on in each.

Currently, I’m mainly doing contemporary, although I have thought about someday doing a historical or a time travel romance. Either of those I think sound like a lot of fun to write, but currently I have another contemporary in the revision stages, and several more books that need to be written. My next one after my third will be a spicy, fun, and sexy Christmas romance which has a pretty good head start.

Have you attended any writing conferences or classes. Tell us about that and some that have been especially helpful.

I have attended two local Wisconsin conferences, and the networking, the classes, and just the atmosphere and camaraderie, gets you inspired and charged up to write. I took an online class on Deep Editing with Margie Lawson, and found that to be extremely helpful. The tips she teaches you can carry over to every project, and help those scenes pop to life. I enjoy learning my craft, and it only helps me become a stronger writer. I don’t plan to ever stop learning.

Are you a member of any writing groups?

Not currently any physically, in person groups, as my schedule hasn’t allowed, but I do engage with several writers online, where we can bounce ideas, thoughts, gripes, etc. off each other. And have an amazing, and supportive critique partner I interact with via email. I do have a couple writer friends I like to see as often as our schedules allow, and have dinner, and talk writing with.

How attached do you get to your characters? Do you know what happens after the book ends?

I get very attached to my characters, and have a difficult time to detaching myself. For example, my previous two novels I spent around three to three and half years writing, editing, revising, pitching, and going under contract and the whole process repeats, so yes, I get attached to them. It’s as if they’re real people, at least they are in my own mind. I feel like they are living, breathing, actual people, like I could go get a cup of coffee with or have lunch with. When it’s time to start a new book, there is a transition period of a few days, to a couple weeks, before I can begin something new. And then, the entire process repeats all over again, but I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

I do write epilogues for each of my books, so I do know what happens and I like to know what they’re up after the HEA. And I like to hope, and think my readers will feel the same way.

Describe your perfect writing day.

Peace, quiet, a few or more hours to myself, a cup of coffee, a few Hershey kisses, my muse flowing, and me in my Writing Cave. This is my ideal writing day, and when my son starts school up again in the fall, these will be my mornings. I do have a day job, so I miss out on some afternoons, but overall I’ve managed to find a good balance between family, writing, and work life.

Could you tell us one question you wish people would ask about your writing and don’t forget the answer.

What drives you to write?  What drives me to write. It’s a lot of things. What jump started me to write again, after an eight year hiatus, is when I got pregnant with my son. Ever since, I have managed to squeeze in writing time, because I realized if I didn’t, it would never get done. What still drives me to write? Once I opened the floodgates, story ideas kept coming in. I’m not able to turn the “faucet off” so to speak, because the more stories I tell, the more want to come out. It’s hard to explain, but it’s something I just have to do. I can’t not write. The need to get the characters, the story out, feels good. I feel good when I’m writing. It is my drug of choice, and I never want to get off.


Rose Lange

Rose Lange has been in love with the written word since she was little. At fourteen, a Julia Quinn novel inspired her to try writing her own. She lives in Southeastern Wisconsin where she was born, raised, and currently lives with her family.

She writes spicy, contemporary romance, and is a member of Romance Writer’s of America (RWA).

She’s a Clark Gable girl, addicted to reading, chocolate, shopping,  Pinterest (her latest vice), and watching old movies from the 40s and 50s. She watched Gone With the Wind once when she was five, and has been hooked on romantic stories since.

Connect with Rose via Facebook, Twitter, or email, she loves hearing from readers!




Cancun Wedding


Check out the view from our balcony

balcony view 1                    balcony view 2

What a wonderful trip – my son married the most wonderful woman so I now have two beautiful, incredible daughters. It was a beautiful ceremony on the beach with old friends and family. (Check out the pics!) My sis and most of her family were there and I got to catch up with friends of my son that I’ve known since they were eleven! Now they’re in their thirties and married – did not see that coming all those years ago.

steele at wedding    Sean's friends                          waiting for Sean  La Daughter

The resort – Dreams Sands in Cancun – was wonderful. Talk about all-inclusive, food, drinks, a pool with a bar, an infinity pool and entertainment every night. One-night a circus, one-night breakdancing, zumba classes on the beach, water aerobics, and so on.

shade on the beach                       infinity pool 2

infinity pool 1                         cooking on the beach

The food – six restaurants – French, Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean, Mexican, as well as a buffet, a grill, sushi, and sometimes cooking on the beach. And free flowing alcohol served everywhere. I’m hoping the calories were removed first but I fear not.

Now it was hot but the day of the wedding on the beach wasn’t too bad. It got hotter the next day and if 100% humidity is raining, it was 99% the last couple of days. Think it would be perfect for me in November or March. Fortunately they provided the neatest shady areas.

Had such a wonderful time – gotta set a book at this place….

me in Cancun


**One mini rant (feel free to skip nothing to do with the wedding or resort) I understand why first class passengers board a plane first and I’m fine with that – let them get liquored up while us serfs board, but after they’re seated for goodness sake start filling the plane from the back. I know that’s logical and efficient therefore “wrong” but think about it…. Okay resume your regular reading**


Halfway Moved


Okay, we’re out of the house, living temporarily in a one-bedroom apartment while the new place is under construction. It’s a good problem, the house is sold and the apartment is quite nice if small. Thank goodness Hubby and I like each other.  box es 3 bedroom 081116

But where is my stuff? We have some here in the apartment (unorganized but here) some in our storage facility and some in the movers storage facility. Now I was smart enough to lay aside what I needed for the wedding next week – yep while all this is going on my son and his lovely fiancée are getting married next Saturday in Cancun. Think cooling breeze for me!

boxes 3 office  081116But I want to get back to writing. I’m beginning to think I’ve forgotten how! Not really, but I have done more editing than writing the last few weeks (and reading, tons of reading because I need to escape).

Possibly tomorrow I’ll have some “me time” while Hubby gets the car serviced, but Tuesday is closing day on the house and getting my hair cut for the wedding and mani-pedi day. I can use the coddling but my routine is calling out for me and I miss it so.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll read what I already have out there and know that I’ll be back soon. Another Time  is scheduled to release in October and I have some others in the works. Stop by and say hi – perf5.000x8.000.inddencouragement encouraged! And thanks for hanging in there with me!

Check it out!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Momma (would have been 97 today) and La Daughter, (who’ll be 27 tomorrow!!)

Sold the House!


We’ve done it. We’re downsizing – we’ve retired, no kids live here, and we don’t need to climb on the roof to clean the gutters or spend three days in the heat mowing our acre of land, so we’ve bought a condo and we’re moving. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of space for visitors (and definitely the Grandson!) but we’ll only be responsible for the inside. moving truck

Also there’s that part where the kids said if they had to clean out the house after us they’d use a match. I know the feeling (Homecoming came from that experience for me.) Living in town again will be different, but I hope better. I won’t have to travel a minimum of twenty minutes in any direction to get to a grocery store! We’ll have close neighbors but we’ve done that before and these will be closer to our age. The kids in the cul-de-sac are great kids (all boys) and always speak and get our mail when we’re out of town, etc. but I live in fear of backing out of the driveway when they’re on the golf cart, or when they’re sliding down the hill in the ice on their sleds.

crowded apartment

Hubby and I will be in each other’s pockets until we get settled. In fact we’re going to be in a one bedroom apartment until the condo is finished. That’ll be fun. We’ve adjusted to him being here full time since he retired but he would go upstairs and I’d be down here. No longer an option. But there will be no steps at the new place (an excellent thing!), so I might have to get used to the TV in the background. I write in silence now and love it. Ah well . . .

Homecoming-OptimizedThe house we’re leaving wasn’t this big but you get the idea . . . Only fourteen years of accumulation in this one. Leave a comment about your moving experiences for a chance to win a copy of my ebook – Homecoming.

Before You – Release Day


Buy links – Amazon,  AllRomance,  Barnes & Noble

A release day is always such fun! This one is special to me because I’ve merged two of my genres – small town romance with paranormal.  Before-you-flat-med-reso

When Jocelyn Warton takes an impromptu exit off the highway while on vacation in rural North Carolina she thinks she’s just visiting a picturesque village in the mountains while her car is being repaired.

Noah Edwards, forensics professor and part time tow truck driver is more than a little intrigued by the beautiful visitor from New York. He doesn’t know what’s going on any more than she does, but he’s part of it.

Together they discover that this existence may not be all there is . . .

While writing this story, I created a Pinterest page of images that inspired the story – I hope you enjoy visiting it. Pinterest


Excerpt –

Jocelyn woke disoriented for a moment, before memory returned. Vacation, the mountains, the rental car . . . Noah. Then it hit her, no nightmare! She’d slept peacefully through the night. The vacation was working already. She smiled at the cheery yellow room.

She dressed quickly in jeans and followed her nose to the scent of coffee brewing. Damn that smelled good. Much better than the one-cups she’d grown accustomed to.

“Morning,” Noah was leaning against the counter, a mug already in his hand. “How do you take your coffee?”

“Black, please. I go for the jolt,” Jocelyn grinned at him.

“My kind of woman.” He winked at her and handed her a full mug. “Did you sleep okay? You’re up early.”

“Slept like a baby. It’s a lovely and welcoming room. Isn’t anyone else up?”

“Those girls? Not likely. Moe’s probably in his shop. Your car has him baffled, and he can’t stand that. I’m glad you decided to hang around.”

Jocelyn could feel the heat in her cheeks and lowered her face to the coffee mug. “That’s the kind of vacation I like, no plans just going with the flow.”

“I need to remember that. See if I can get you back up here again.”

“The other cousins wouldn’t mind?”

“We’re a good group. The spouses that have had the courage to join us seem to be managing.”

Spouses? She ducked her head to her mug again. No need to pay any attention to the pull of this man. She’d known him less than twenty-four hours even if she had slept in his home last night. She had slept alone and that was fine with her. Anything else would have been weird, right?

“What’s on your agenda today?” she asked, turning her thoughts in another direction forcefully.

“The first part will be spreading manure. I know, it’s glamorous, but I like to beat the paparazzi so I do that kind of thing early. Then a long hot shower, so that I’m presentable by lunchtime. My afternoon could be free if you are.”

“You don’t have much faith in Moe. I might be gone by then.”

“I hope not.” His face had gone serious at that.

Jocelyn decided to ignore the tug in her gut that comment made. “Could you use some help with the manure?”

He stopped and blinked at her. “You can’t be serious.”

“I like to try new things.”

“You’re on but you don’t have to stay at it for long. I’d love the company. We’ll need some protein first.”

“Who’s on breakfast duty?”

“Usually me, being the only one up this time of day.”

“Then how about an omelet?”

“You offering to cook?”

“I’m willing to try.”

The smile on his face caused an answering one on her own, and she stepped to the refrigerator. “Confess, dinner was all you last night, wasn’t it?”

“I told you guys, I gave Carol a few tips. She did all the work. You know she doesn’t like to cook.”


“We made it a little fun and less stressful for her. Move.” He had joined her at the refrigerator, and she used her hip to shove him aside. Damn that had felt good. He had a great body. None of her professors had looked like him in college. Her grades probably wouldn’t have been as good if they had, because she would not have been paying attention to the lecture.

She gathered eggs, mushrooms, onions and some ham she spotted.

“You really do cook.”

“On occasion. I enjoy it but don’t take the time usually. It’s up and out most mornings.”

“Not nine to five?”

“In advertising? More like midnight to midnight when there’s a promotion coming out and the company always wants a promotion coming out.”

“So the vacation really is to relax. Are you sure you want to shovel manure?”

“Doing it physically instead of metaphorically might be nice.” She warmed at his chuckle.

country house  abandoned orphanage  old graveyard

Beach Vacation 2016!


us on beach 062016What an incredible week! Didn’t get much physical writing done, but what a great relaxing week.  ocean Isle 061916

Went to Ocean Isle for the first part – sat on the beach the first couple of days just to absorb it.

Ate at the pool bar the first night loving the breeze and the atmosphere. The resort served a full hot breakfast every morning as well and we took full advantage.

The wind came up the second day and after getting sand blasted for a while, came inside and worked on the jigsaw puzzle. Had great fresh seafood at Calabash, even enough to bring home for lunch the next day. Slept late, walked on the beach before it got hot and just vegged out.

vacation puzzleLeft on Thursday to visit relatives. Cousins Betsy and Peetie are in New Bern so headed up that way. Had a wonderful visit, caught up on their families – another great-grandchild coming in a couple of weeks for Peetie.

Darhon & Peetie 062116Me & Betsy 062116Then on Friday headed down to Charleston to visit with friends Kaye and Todd. They have remodeled their home and I adored it. She really needs to come decorate my place because I fall so far short of her skills. She is also the consummate hostess and we were pampered beyond belief.

Friday night we went on a catamaran cruise around Charleston Harbor. Talk about zen (until the thunderstorm came up at the last few minutes but we docked safely). Just the most peaceful time ever.

But Saturday night they took us to Theater 99 in Charleston – it’s improv and I was chosen to go up on stage to answer questions about myself for them to perform around for the show. Admitting that I wrote Romance Novels set them off – and they asked so many questions they had to cut the skits short! It was one of the biggest hoots I’ve ever had. They even introduced my Studmuffin hubby and told him how lucky he was! Have parts of it recorded, maybe Youtube?? LOL!  Thanks Brandy!

us at improv 062516    improv stage    me on stage 062316