– Country Doctor

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New Paranormal Romance from Donna Steele!

Stuck in a small town in North Carolina, Jeremy Towers now has to become a country doctor in order to pay off his student loans. It’s far from where he came  or what felt familiar. It’s only for a couple of years. Surely he can do this, and show his father he can do it on his own.

Kelly Taylor has a secret. It’s a poorly kept one in such a small town, but there’s no help for that. She can’t undo what’s happened before. Now with a new doctor in town, things are going to change. How will her secret affect this new doctor and, maybe even more importantly, her?

Excerpt –

Hurrying to the back entrance of the diner, Kelly Taylor stuck her key in the door as she reached for the knob. She was running late this morning. It didn’t help she hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep. Once inside she brushed her hair out of her eyes, redoing her mostly dry hair into the quick ponytail for cooking. The best she could do after her quick shower and the jog to work.

Miriam had brought Danny over in the night. She should have brought him earlier. Miriam, as always, waited until the secrecy of dark. The boy seemed fine now, breathing normally and Kelly was used to Miriam’s fear. She wasn’t alone with that fear unfortunately.

At least people could come to the house with some privacy now. An improvement in her circumstances, even if that wasn’t a good way to think about the loss of the man who raised her. Some areas of her life were better, and in time she would allow herself to appreciate them. If other areas weren’t . . . well, that was life. She’d already lived long enough to know.

People had stopped her three times already as she hurried to work, asking if she knew the new doctor had arrived in town. Violet from the fruit stand was the first, then Carrie stepped out to pick up her morning paper to speak to her, and finally George, her mailman stopped the truck alongside her, as she made her way down the sidewalk. She’d taken a moment with him to warm his knees.

She knew. Of course, she did, and she also knew that eventually she would have a confrontation with him. Something to worry about in the future, and for now she needed to get busy to have the diner opened on time. Joe obviously wasn’t going to make that happen, regardless of the fact he owned this place of business.

Fortunately, she’d thought to leave some mixes in the refrigerator last night. As soon as the oven heated, she would start a double batch of muffins going. There would have to be a limited menu until Joe did decide to stumble in. Coffee and muffins were all she could manage alone.

There was nothing she could do about having a doctor in town again. A positive thing for the community and hopefully this one would be better than the previous doctor. Though with such a low bar that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

Having a real medical doctor here didn’t have to disrupt her life unless she allowed that to happen.