The Melting, Book 2 – The Progression

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Everything has changed. Civilization is gone except for the facade around the CDC. This isn’t what they had always thought global warming would bring, those that had thought about it at all. But the Powers That Be that received the valuable and scarce vaccine have moved to the CDC and taken over, making the place into their own little fiefdom.  Connor Nash wants a theocracy where women are less than second class and therefore fair game. Meg Adams, once office manager but now reluctant leader of the people able to sustain civilization, has to get her people out of there before it degenerates even more.  And when the hell did she get put in charge?

The real survivors need to get away, like David and Amanda did. That or become slaves to the once powerful.

Their escape isn’t as hard as they thought it would be. The us vs. them dynamic is finally on their side because who would want to leave all that “safety”. But it going to be hard, food, shelter, all the things everyone counted on will be on them alone.

When Jim Stephens, ex-sniper turned truck driver for the PTB takes it upon himself to join them does that make them more vulnerable or less? He may seem legit, and yes, Meg is attracted to him, but is he one of us or them? And more importantly can they find a place to sustain them while they hack out a life for their little band.

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