The Conall Clan, Book 7 – Adah’s Legacy

Adah’s Legacy -A Conall Clan Novella

You met Adah in Budapest Fairies Tales – this is the story she wanted told…

John loves his job as Beta to Marcel Trembley in the Maine Territory, but he’s lost Adah. Theirs was a strange relationship, with him a shifter, her a human, he being young, and her elderly. But it was undeniable that he was drawn to her. Now he has to move on, so he’s taking a short vacation to come to terms with his grief.

Amy is a reporter trying to break into shifter-only news media, and that’s a small niche. What would bring her to the attention of the editors? An exclusive interview with the reclusive Lou Conell.

Neither expects what they actually find…

Excerpt –

The men outside were keeping an eye on Brent’s older children. John—as the youngest man there and only non-Conall—stayed quiet, listening, and watching the others. He saw Wesley grin as Lou once again glanced back toward the house.

“They’re fine.” Wesley’s grin only grew when Lou glared at him. “They really are. With that brood in there, the babies couldn’t be in better hands.”

“You’ve been a father the least amount of time. How would you know?”

“A week, only a week less than you. Heloise already runs our house and I freely admit it. Sitting with her on my chest in the evenings makes everything else worthwhile.”

“She looks just like Clarissa.”

“Don’t I know it. That does keep me up at night sometimes.”

John watched Lou grin at that. Lou, Brent, and their cousin, Wesley had known each other all their lives. They were leaders–even Wesley, who wasn’t ranked. There was just something special about them. They were Conalls. John knew he was lucky to be in their sphere.

Brent signaled for the twins to come back closer to the deck, then sat back. “I do think it’s easier with boys. I worry about Missy the most. What’s worrying me now is that we’re talking about our cubs instead of sports or something.”

The men around him chuckled.

“Just don’t tell Karen. I’ll never live it down.”

Wesley leaned back and turned to Axel. “Have you and Sherry thought about kids?”

“It’s hard not to around here. She’s ready, I’m a little hesitant.”

Slightly removed from the group, John studied Axel, noticing his interactions with the others. As a Beta, observing came naturally to John. From what he’d heard through Marcel, Wesley—their cousin—had seemed to accept Axel immediately, whereas Axel’s half-brothers had taken a while. John knew Brent better than he knew the others, because of their collaboration during the Eric debacle. It must have been hard for him and Lou to discover a new half-brother after they were already grown. And according to Marcel, from a father who wasn’t worth his fur.

John was the real outsider here. They had made him welcome, but everyone else here was family. Clarissa had suggested he accompany them on this trip, since she knew John was having a rough time. She still had those matriarch instincts – knowing when someone needed a change of scenery—from serving as her brother’s matriarch for years before Marcus met his lifemate, Miriam. To be honest, he really had needed a break.

All of these men were lifemated. They were building their families, while he hadn’t begun. With Adah gone… of course, as much as he had loved her, there had never been a chance for them.

“You doing okay?” Wesley touched his leg, quietly bringing him back while the others were paying attention to the pups.

“Yeah.” Even though Wesley clearly didn’t believe that he let it go.

John was grateful. These men wouldn’t understand his feelings for a woman close to ninety years old, one who wasn’t even a shifter. Hell, he didn’t understand them himself.

Maybe he should excuse himself. He didn’t want to bring the atmosphere down. Hopefully a good run would clear his head.

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