$.99 Books

I’ve got a few books that are permanently $.99 – thought you might want to see them…

Dylan has no time for a relationship, even one her older relative dictates. She’s learning the corporation she will eventually head and that’s enough, until she steps off the elevator and see the new guy who moved in next door.

Nash’s military career is over, due to an explosion, but he has a job now with friends at Sutton and Associates and new place to live. He can heal there and work from home. Then his new neighbor steps into the hall…

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Brandy has worked alone since she graduated, but the task before her now is different, long-term and complicated. Is this a promotion or a test? And why is the object of her task so . . . male. There’s never been attraction before, everything about this task is different.

Jason has been on the run since his entire team was ambushed and murdered. He has no time to stop, but nowhere else to go. Can this intriguing woman, who doesn’t know him, really help?




A headstrong girl, Kat has been raised in a colony far from her ancestral home of Rth.  She comes up against the will of Puter – the computer programmed on Rth to serve them, but also control them.

Thwarted from the area of study Kat yearned for- a doctor – by Puter’s increasingly puzzling decrees, nevertheless, Kat determines to excel in her assigned profession – Enforcer.

As an enforcer, Kat learns even more about the infrastructure of the arcology she inhabits and the minds of the people who try to break Puter’s rules.

She is assigned by her mentor, and head of the enforcers, to hunt down and return a ‘shirker’, any colonist who tries to escape Puter’s authority.  Kat sets out to make her mentor proud.

This shirker, Davd, a handsome and mysterious fellow enforcer, is more than she bargained for, and sparks fly when he turns the tables on her, capturing and kidnapping her away from all she knows.

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David Morrow has studied global warming first as a prodigy and now as a respected professor. He knows the value of sustainability and clean energy. But is it too late for the planet? He expected the rising of the seas, harsh hundred-year storms, but he never expected this.

Amanda Sutton first studied medicine to please her father, now she’s part of the scramble to find a cure before the virus destroys civilization.

Will the strange connection between them keep them together as the world disintegrates around them?

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My latest series, the Conall Clan, begins with Don’t Look Back. Megan Sullivan is trying desperately to escape her stalker. When Detective Wesley Conall suggests she move, at least temporarily, to Sweetwater, North Carolina to disappear, it sounds like a plausible idea.

Lou Conall, Sheriff in Sweetwater, is less than enthused when his cousin foists a victim on him, but he can’t say no to a woman or child that needs protecting. This one shouldn’t be that much of a bother and no way could her stalker track her to this location.

At least that what he thinks until he meets her . . .

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Jim is back home and existing, but nothing more. The irony of going to a dance club isn’t lost on him. The redhead moving around the floor is the last thing he needs in his life. So what if he can’t take his eyes off her.

It’s been a great day for Wendy, and dancing is her favorite way to celebrate. The hunk’s eyes are on her, but he doesn’t approach. Intrigued she approaches him and learns a lot more about herself than she planned.

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When Angie learns her firm is giving everyone a week off at Christmas, she’s devastated. She needed to work, to keep from thinking about her lack of relationship and family. Now she’s on her own for the holidays.

Kurt won’t be able to make it home to North Carolina for Christmas this year. He’s low man on the totem pole at his firm, but he’ll make it work.

Now where did this unforecasted blizzard come from?

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Max is fuming. He’s running late due to some bimbo breaking her computer on Christmas Eve of all evenings. AND he’d forgotten all about promising Mom he’d bring the woman he was seeing to the Christmas Eve open house – like he had someone he was seeing.

Jessica is ready to cry uncle. No family for the holidays, alone in the city, and now her report’s been eaten by her computer. Going home to scrounge in the refrigerator and then sitting down to recreate the report sounds like as much fun as it will be.

Can Max save her holiday and maybe himself with only a little deception? A fake relationship story.


Ryan isn’t happy that his ex is taking their daughter out of town for Christmas. What can he do as a special treat for just the two of them?

Nikki hasn’t been invited to any celebrations with her new step-parents and siblings on either side, so why not try out this new cooking camp her production company is piloting. Teaching kids to make Christmas treats might raise her mood, and when one of the fathers walks in looking like Clark Kent…

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  Noel Archer has trust issues where men are concerned – who wouldn’t after finding her fiancée in her bed with another woman, hours before the wedding. Too late to cancel the honeymoon, she’s on a Christmas cruise alone and avoiding anything male of the species.

Sebastian Michael Scott was supposed to be enjoying himself on a Christmas shakedown cruise of his new yacht. But between the faulty electrical system and the hostile and hung over soon to be ex, he’s taken his best friend’s advice and caught a ride on nearby cruise ship. He just needs to keep his identity undercover…

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  Lillian was happy to be home for Christmas and seeing her brother for the first time since his deployment. No one told her his best friend and her old crush would be there too. Oh well, the crush was long gone, right?

When Liam accepted the invitation for Christmas he’d thought Lillian would only be there a couple of days. How was he supposed to keep his injury a secret for ten days? It shouldn’t matter, but when had she grown even more beautiful?

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